Equevu Unveils Disruptive SaaS Platform to Empower Financial Institutions to Revolutionize Global Workplace and Personal Savings Services


Recent studies reveal that 81 percent of employees are more likely to remain with organizations offering enhanced benefits, with workplace savings services topping the list of desired perks. 

According to a recent study by HSBC, 75% of UAE residents are not savings anything for retirement. In response to this growing demand and recognizing the critical role of workplace and personal savings in shaping a brighter financial future, Equevu, a technology firm focused on workplace and savings systems, has unveiled its game-changing SaaS platform for financial institutions.

With a projected market opportunity of USD $325 billion in Assets Under Management by 2027 in the UAE alone, Equevu’s innovative technology aims to empower financial institutions to seize the tremendous potential of workplace and personal savings.

“At Equevu, we aim to inspire a culture of smart financial planning and saving, by combining innovative technology with user-friendly interfaces tailored to the unique needs of individuals” said Safa’ Abdelrahman, Co-founder and Director at Equevu.

Equevu’s revolutionary SaaS solution enables financial institutions to gain a competitive edge in the market while strengthening customer relationships. Through enabling rapid product launches, the technology facilitates long-term revenue streams, encouraging product cross-selling and partnership opportunities.

Governments in the GCC region have been increasingly recognizing the paramount importance of savings plans in establishing robust and sustainable retirement systems. This acknowledgment is especially evident in the UAE, where the government places significant emphasis on savings by introducing workplace savings solutions for both DIFC and Dubai government employees. To address this growing need, Equevu offers a timely and comprehensive SaaS solution that provides customizable services to simplify savings and investment management. Equevu’s revolutionary platform offers an array of features catering to various stakeholders. The workplace and personal savings solution streamlines administrative tasks, providing a user-friendly dashboard accessible to administrators, employers, employees, and fiduciaries. This centralized system promotes collaboration and simplifies savings and long-term wealth creation, giving participants a clear view of their savings progress.

The Personal Investment Platform serves as a versatile standalone solution equipped with robo-advisory capabilities. It delivers personalized investment guidance, aligning portfolios with users’ financial goals and risk preferences. 

“Automated portfolio management and real-time tracking capabilities empower individuals to make well-informed investment decisions. We believe that workplace and personal savings are vital pillars for building sustainable retirement systems. Equevu is designed to be a game-changer, providing financial institutions with a versatile platform that not only supports workplace savings but also caters to the unique needs of individual investors. We are committed to empowering businesses and individuals alike, ensuring a more secure financial future for all through a state-of-the-art technology,” emphasized Hazem Abdel Rahman, Co-founder and CEO at Equevu.

Equevu’s SaaS Services offer a multitude of key benefits, making it an exceptional choice for financial institutions seeking a competitive edge. The platform’s cutting-edge technology and flexible customization ensures businesses stay ahead of the curve, optimizing returns and fostering maximum financial growth.

The innovative and agile technology also facilitates seamless entry into new markets, opening up new avenues for expansion and growth. Furthermore, streamlined operations lead to reduced costs and increased efficiency, making Equevu’s product a cost-effective solution for financial institutions.

Data privacy and security are paramount at Equevu, where robust measures, including localized data hosting and compliance with local data laws, are in place to ensure the utmost protection for sensitive information.  With its groundbreaking SaaS platform, Equevu is poised to revolutionize workplace and personal savings services and transform the financial landscape for businesses, individuals, and financial companies globally.

About Equevu:

Equevu represents two synergistic entities: Equevu Ltd, a technology company in Abu Dhabi Global Market, and Equevu Consulting Services FZC in Sharjah Publishing City. The brand delivers a comprehensive suite of services that include technology-driven workplace and personal savings systems, corporate financial literacy programs, as well as specialized actuarial consulting services focusing on end of service benefits. Adhering to international best practices and supported by reputable regional investors, Equevu strives to promote access to financial prosperity. Please note that Equevu does not engage in any financially regulated activities.