Eurovets introduces the first-of-its-kind veterinary services App


A first-of-its-kind initiative in the GCC, the App is being used by 200+ professionals in the industry, with numbers to exceed 500+ by the end of the second quarter of this year

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: The pet care industry is predicted to reach a value of $200 billion by 2025 and to accelerate the growth of the industry, Eurovets – the leading distributor for the UAE’s animal health industry that offers a comprehensive premium product range for small to large animals has launched its flagship proprietary App, as part of its constant effort to streamline veterinary services in the country. A first-of-its-kind initiative in the veterinary and animal health space in the GCC, the App has been developed based on comprehensive research and consultation with renowned veterinarians to cater to every facet of pet healthcare needs. 

Eurovets is a complete solution provider for all animal segments. Veterinary practices are very busy, and to ease their purchase experience, provide training and education, as well as help them stay informed about their purchases, Eurovets introduced this innovative App (Available on iOs and Android platforms).

The easy-to-use App provides customers a full range of products at anytime, anywhere, and customers can also manage stock levels and order accordingly. The App also allows to register for events and webinars hosted by Eurovets, as well as facilitates viewing and downloading of training materials, webinar recordings, live chat support for all around customer relationships.

The App is first-of-its-kind initiative in veterinary and animal health space, and Eurovets is further building more tech solutions that will help bridge the existing gaps. The company believes that through this, they will be able to offer complete transparency to their customers, while focusing on quality healthcare for pets and enhanced consumer experience. Currently the App is being used by 200+ professionals in the industry and the company is confident that the number will exceed 500+ by the end of the second quarter of this year.

Eurovets revolutionary products and solutions have always helped vets simplify their workflow and engage with pet parents seamlessly. With the innovative launch of this App, Eurovets have raised the bar once again to enhance its service levels to better serve its customers. The company stated that the new App will enable customers to browse its extensive range of products and make purchases directly in a convenient manner. With educational videos, documents and promotional offers all included in one place, the App aims to offer a comfortable and stress-free solution for industry professionals.