Excellence Awards by BeingShe Welcomes Women of All Backgrounds and Career Paths to Join Their Celebration of Women


Dubai, United Arab Emirates: This year, BeingShe, the female-driven organization and platform for women empowerment, will be hosting its first annual Excellence Awards to support and honor women and their roles in society. Set to take place June 19, 2021, the BeingShe Excellence Awards is a first-of-its-kind event for the organization, which will celebrate womanhood and salute all their passions and career paths.

Founded by Aparna Bajpai in 2018, BeingShe is an international initiative and movement to empower and transform women, helping them lead their inner drive and determination with a concrete, impactful structure. The organization provides women with a platform for self-discovery, career development, knowledge creation, confidence, esteem, and empowerment. The holistic development and the areas which are seen as passions for several women are the areas this organisation intends to work on and nurture, achieved through a variety of branches of the company: BeingShe Workshops, BeingShe Universe, and the latest, BeingShe Excellence Awards. The workshops allow women to learn new skills within industries of interest, whilst the awards recognize and celebrate the efforts of participating women.

The BeingShe Excellence Awards 2021 was designed to celebrate women and their passions, and award women that excel in a variety of different industries, ranging from Best Young Entrepreneur, to Best Fashion Designer, and many more. The event will take place over a week, kicking-off from the 12th of June, where participants will be voted on by a jury panel of six successful women, which include Dr. Sana Sajan, Sheikha Hend Bint Faisal Bin Khaled Al Qassemi, Manal Ajaj, Swaroop Rawal, Zainab Alsalih, and Roopali Golecha. By the end of the week-long event, the jury will come down to the top three candidates of each category and vote for the best-suited individual.

“BeingShe was built on the foundation of celebrating women, honoring their passions, and offering a platform where they can receive the recognition they deserve. We are ecstatic to be hosting the Excellence Awards for the first time this year and in collaboration with the United Nations. We will be working closely with the UN in our efforts to recognize real women with real stories who are in the pursuit of excellence,” shared Aparna Bajpai, founder of BeingShe.

Now open for registration to all potential candidates for a mere fee of AED 299, the ceremony has a total of 12 categories for women to enter and participate in: Best Life Coach, Best Teacher, Best Fashion Designer, Best Event Organizer, Best Young Entrepreneur, Best Art, Best Musician, Best Makeup Artist, Best Jewelry Designer, Best Photographer, Best Fitness Instructor, and Best Ikebana (Florist). As the one-week event unfolds, candidates will be voted on in batches until a final decision has been reached. The finale of BeingShe’s Excellence Awards is set to take place June 19, 2021, where the winners of the awards will be handed a United Nations endorsed certificate for recognition. 

Aparna Bajpai kick started her career when she moved to London with her husband, and climbed the corporate ladder while working at a prestigious retail chain. After years of working, Bajpai took a step down from her career to focus on motherhood and support her family. Inspired by the love for her daughter, Bajpai turned back to the workforce to change her approach in business to support and empower women. Now a successful business owner, and having won Mrs. India Globe, Aparna Bajpai has awakened a drive in herself to help other women reach their fullest potential, and thus BeingShe was conceived. To learn more about the female-driven platform, please visit https://www.beingshe.com/.

About BeingShe:

BeingShe is an international initiative, a movement to empower and transform women and help them to lead their inner drive and determination with concrete, impactful structure. There is hardly any sector where a woman has not made her foray and made an impact. The holistic development and the areas which are seen as passions for several women are the areas this organisation intends to work on and nurture.

The organization’s vision is to empower women and help them gain the confidence they need to become powerful spokespersons, advocates of passion-driven movements, and social causes that impact our lives and of those near and dear to us.