EXEED debuts in Saudi Arabia


Premium auto brand EXEED enters Middle East market

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: The EXEED media preview event themed “Born for More” was recently held at Leylaty Function Hall in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The event was attended by 64 members of the region’s mainstream media including journalists and influencers from key newspapers, magazines, websites and video platforms, among them, Mouhamed Alkeinani, Hani Amro, Mohammed Orfli and Hatan Arab, all of whom came to witness and share in the premium car brand EXEED’s journey into the Middle East market.

A new player in the global premium car market, EXCEED, on the one hand, inherits the century-old experience accumulation of the European car industry, while, on the other, integrates the best and the latest of Chinese intelligent technology, empowering the brand in its challenge to traditional premium car brands. The VX and TXL models displayed at the event drew the attention of the participating journalists the moment the vehicles were unveiled.

As EXCEED’s premium representative products, the two models have quite different focuses. The VX features More Space + More Power + More Premium, with a nearly 5-meter length and 3-meter wheelbase creating a desirably roomy interior, coupled with a 2.0TGDI engine for on-the-road power. The TXL emphasizes Beauty + Safety with a head-turning borderless air intake grille and breathing light with the star logo that is sure to appeal to the diverse expectations of drivers worldwide. Taking into account the desert-like conditions of the Middle East, the EXEED was designed especially for hot climates with seat ventilation and powerful cooling systems.

The media preview event is EXEED’s debut in Saudi Arabia and its first stop in the Middle East market. Next, EXEED plans further expansion in the Middle East with market entry scheduled next in Kuwait and Qatar.