Expo Centre Sharjah Conducts Successful Emergency Evacuation Drill with Sharjah Civil Defense Authority



The Expo Centre Sharjah’s Operations Department, in partnership with the Sharjah Civil Defense, successfully carried out a mock evacuation drill. The simulation aimed to equip employees and visitors with the necessary skills to evacuate the building swiftly and orderly in the event of an emergency, with a focus on preserving the safety of all individuals and property. 

The drill tested the effectiveness of their evacuation procedures and ensured that everyone at the centre is ready to respond appropriately in a real-life crisis. With eager determination, every member of the staff took part in the drill, showing full commitment to following the established procedures and guidelines. 

The evacuation was monitored in real time, with the movements and reactions of participants closely scrutinized. Each team was put to the test, as their assigned tasks were meticulously evaluated. The vital devices and equipment were thoroughly checked, ensuring their readiness for any potential emergency situation.

Mohammad Al Mazrouei, Director of Operation Centre at Expo Centre Sharjah, highlighted the importance of the recent drill, saying: “By putting into practice the highest standards of public safety and emergency preparedness, the centre aims to keep everyone informed and prepared for any unexpected events.” Regular drills are conducted to educate both staff and the public on proper security and safety procedures.” 

“We wanted to test and improve the efficiency of our protective equipment and enhance the skills of employees in dealing with emergencies quickly and effectively, reducing potential losses in the event of an actual emergency or crisis,” Al Mazrouei said. 

The drill was a resounding success, completed in record time, and encompassed a wide range of training. The participated were educated on security and safety procedures, including proper techniques for assisting accident victims, identification of safe gathering places for employees, safe transfer of patients between buildings, and other key priorities.