FAM Holding, a conglomerate based in the UAE that provides business solutions for a range of industries, leveraged ‘Trimble Connect,’ an advanced Common Data Environment (CDE) solution from Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB), a leader in construction technology, to ensure timely and more efficient completion of projects. Trimble’s technology expedited communication and collaboration, reduced the work of manually transferring data between tools, implemented Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflows to improve collaboration between office to the field, and increased operational efficiency for FAM Holding.

The collaboration between the two entities commenced following the alignment of FAM Holding’s digital transformation strategies and objectives, in an effort to transform the construction landscape in the Middle East. FAM Holding has leveraged Trimble’s advanced solutions on its signature residential towers in the UAE, some of those include the Art Tower and the Snow Tower in Sharjah.

Trimble realized that FAM Holding’s reliance on traditional channels of communication had a significant impact on their accountability and traceability and rendered it impossible to monitor data sharing activities among project stakeholders. It was also perceived that most team members communicated using messaging applications to exchange sensitive data. These issues caused major setbacks in accountability and traceability, which resulted in outdated information and construction documents, causing financial losses and project delays for the company.

Due to its advanced features, Trimble Connect was chosen by FAM Holding, as it needed features and functions with simple communication methods, immediate updates and statuses, and connectivity throughout the entire project lifecycle. The features also included the ability to easily create, assign, and track issues, receive automatic notifications of changes in work progress, track document changes with revision control, sync and save data in the cloud. These features enable the users to follow the project from anywhere in the world, and set up folder level permissions, among others, thus aiding FAM Holding in streamlining communications among stakeholders and ensuring quicker delivery of projects.

For his part, Dr. Faisal Ali Mousa, Chairman of FAM Holding, stated: “We believe Trimble’s technology has consistently proven to be the most efficient solution for our projects. The ‘Trimble Connect’ solution has helped us maintain and stabilize communication among stakeholders since we began using it, as a result of which we have seen a radical improvement in communication between teams, which has enhanced their efficiency, reduced waste and errors, thereby increasing profitability. Trimble has been revolutionizing the construction industry in the Middle East with its innovative solutions, and we are pleased to have collaborated with them to guarantee the timely delivery of our projects.”

Paul Wallett, Regional Director of Trimble Solutions Middle East and India stated: “Due to the expansion of the real estate market and the diverse range of construction projects in the Middle East, project owners today place a high priority on timely delivery. Moreover, the region is entering an era where technology is largely responsible for business advantages. Building information modeling (BIM) is essential to current developments in the construction industry, just as every industry has its own unique digital standards. Due to its ability to securely centralize project data storage and access for construction projects and BIM workflows, connected construction and CDE solutions have become an increasingly popular choice in the industry. We are very excited to offer our solutions to FAM Holding, as our goals are intertwined, and look forward to seeing the industry grow and develop using modern construction technology.”

The Middle East has been steadily transitioning towards the Common Data Environment (CDE) to guarantee prompt and efficient delivery of projects. CDE, which is a digital information platform that centralizes project data storage and access, usually associated with construction projects and BIM workflows, effectively streamlines communications for businesses and guarantees improved outcomes for stakeholders. The UAE, with its diverse construction needs, are certain to benefit from the technology’s wide range of features.

Trimble, one of the leaders in construction technology, aims to transform the industry through its advanced and new-age solutions. Their offerings have been widely implemented in several major projects in the Middle East, including the Burj Khalifa, The Museum of the Future, Ain Dubai, Riyadh Metro, Adly Mansour Metro Station in Egypt, and the upcoming One Za’abeel Tower.

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