Family Development Foundation continues activities of “Social Sustainability 2023” Forum


The Family Development Foundation (FDF) continues its activities for “Social Sustainability 2023” Forum, which aims to foster sustainable social development, promote positive behaviour and green practices, and raise community awareness on environmental issues.

At the forum, which will run till the end of December 2023, the Family Development Foundation organised numerous innovative programs and interactive conversations across all three of its centres – Abu Dhabi, Al Dhafra, and Al Ain, in partnership with entities from both public and private sectors. This included programs on sustainability and the role of families in mitigating the consequences of climate change. Additionally, FDF aimed to bring a shift in people’s consumption patterns, raise public awareness of environmental issues, and provide the finest guidance and tips for lowering water and power use, while simultaneously safeguarding the environment for coming generations.

Until now, the number of individuals from the Emirate of Abu Dhabi who participated in the forum has exceeded 2,657 people through the Foundation’s centres, various platforms, and websites, in contrary to the expected 1560 individuals. The forum currently aims to reach around 4,000 people of the target categories with a range of initiatives that support relevant national climate plans and strategies. The ultimate objective is to positively influence people’s behaviour and responsibilities in order to build a society that is ecologically conscious.

Fatima Obaid Al Mansoori, Director of Al Marfa Centre under Family Development Foundation, stated: “For the Sustainability Forum, the Foundation is organizing a number of empowerment and awareness-raising workshops in an attempt to raise public understanding and knowledge of environmental concerns. These have grown into a dependable methodology and a widely accepted motif that supports the strategic goals of the ‘Year of Sustainability,’ which was announced under the slogan ‘Today for Tomorrow’. By working on this initiative, we aim to mitigate the negative consequences of climate change on the security of food and water. We also seek to contribute to the preservation of the natural resources, in order to ensure that future generations enjoy the same and higher standard of living that the state offers to families today. Families must work together to solve environmental challenges, particularly those related to pollution, conserving water and power, reducing environmental impact, and transforming family’s eating and spending patterns. This calls on each family to assume accountability for protecting the natural richness and being fully aware of the rights of future generations.”

Al Mansoori elaborated that the one of the main themes for the Social Sustainability 2023 Forum aims is the advancing social sustainable development. Furthermore, she emphasised that educating the public and giving families and empowering people more in relation to sustainable resource use and environmental protection are also part of the efforts of the forum. Additionally, she pointed out that it seeks to encourage families to adopt more sustainable lifestyles, connect them with institutions that support sustainability and resource conservation, contribute to the well-being of families and society, strengthen collaborations in the field of sustainability between regional public and commercial entities.

She further stated that the forum is organised in collaboration with the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority, Department of Energy, Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department, Red Crescent Authority, Tourism and Culture Authority, Ministry of Interior – Saif bin Zayed Academy for Police and Security Sciences, Youth Councils, and Emirates Business Women’s Association. In collaboration with educational institutions, workshops and events are also being held targeting women and young people, educating them on how to properly set priorities and inspiring community to embrace new ideas that help improve the standard of living for families and society in a sustainable way.