Fashion meets sustainability: WILD FABRIK opens its digital doors for a greener world


Dubai, UAE: Dubai-founded SME WILD FABRIK goes live this October with a goal to merge fashion with sustainability. With a wide range of women’s, kid’s and men’s fashion, and home goods all in one e-commerce platform, WILD FABRIK offers a new perspective with the best of both worlds: keeping us accountable but still looking good.

The e-commerce platform features over 30 small eCo brands from all over the world that bring a bit of flair to the sustainable world. WILD FABRIK offers eye-catching, eco-friendly products at an affordable price. The founders, Gergana Abdulrahman, Reine Naoum, Alexis Gibson, and Khalid Abdulrahman came together with a wild mission to provide a more natural lifestyle through a wide range of options.

Weekly editions and pop-up shops feature brands with unique concepts and styles that match your needs and better your life, one stitch at a time. Slow fashion not only makes your style pop, it also lowers your global footprint and makes you feel a lot better about your purchases!

In perfect synergy with the Dubai World Expo 2020, WILD FABRIK hosts its official launch party in November at the USA pavilion. In strong collaboration with the USA pavilion ambassadors to speak for sustainable commerce, the goal is to raise awareness and dedicate time to talk about the pressing world sustainability issues.  

WILD FABRIK supports a circular economy by partnering with Dubai-based NGOs to give back through various environmental causes with partners like AZRAQ and Thrift for Good, even offering rebates for items purchased on its site that are no longer wanted by giving them a second life. Creating a closed loop system and promoting a green lifestyle is just one of many initiatives by WILD FABRIK as it start its operation in the region.

WILD FABRIK is a Dubai-founded SME that offers an e-commerce platform for sustainable fashion and home goods. Sustainable doesn’t have to mean unfashionable, and with collections of women’s fashion, men’s fashion, shoes, and bags, WILD FABRIK works with 30 brands to provide fresh, stylish, and eco-friendly options. As an SME in Dubai, WILD FABRIK also supports other local SMEs through their online platform, and works in collaboration with AZRAQ and Thrift for Good to aim for a more sustainable tomorrow.