Fellaz Launches “Fellaz NFT Ticket” for VIP Admission at Ultra Abu Dhabi 2023

Dubai, UAE: Ultra Abu Dhabi, The world’s premier electronic music festival is taking center stage in Abu Dhabi this March for the first time in the Middle East. Aligned with the region’s futuristic goals, Fellaz, as the official VIP Host and Sponsor of the event, has launched the Fellaz NFT Ticket – a limited NFT collection ticket to Ultra Abu Dhabi 2023 – that provides VIP admission and exclusive perks that the holders can redeem on-site.
The NFT ticket will grant access to various benefits, including Fellaz-only fast-track entry, a VIP ground terrace with front row views of the main stage, a VIP dedicated bar, VVIP washrooms, merchandise coupons, complimentary drinks, and a chance to win something unique and special during and post-event.
The 2-day event is taking place on the 4th and 5th of March at Etihad Park in YAS Island, boasting the world’s top EDM DJs, such as Calvin Harris, Skrillex, Afrojack, and more, and anticipating over 20,000 attendees.
Fellaz aims to help brands and events explore the innovation and possibilities that come with Web3. With Ultra Abu Dhabi 2023 as one of the first events in the Fellaz ecosystem, the company’s vision is to convert one-time customers of entertainment experiences to long-term, loyal community members using Web3 technology. Fellaz’s roadmap includes working with other major events and brands to create new use cases and opportunities for how the brand interacts with its customers using Fellaz Pass, a Web3 membership product offered by Fellaz, allowing new and exciting opportunities to arise for the brand, and providing Fellaz Pass holders with exclusive benefits.
“Nike is a great example of how a brand can thrive by entering the Web3 space. At Fellaz, we’re always exploring new ways to enhance the overall experience of consumers in the entertainment industry. By digitizing Ultra Abu Dhabi’s VIP tickets as NFT collectibles, we’re offering the community not only access to the event but also the chance to own a piece of history.” said Bobby Bhatia, CEO of Fellaz.
About UC Global:
Based in Seoul, Korea, UC Global is an Asia-focused lifestyle and entertainment brand management company with a vision to create an ecosystem of services and products to further serve the region’s Millennial and Generation Z lifestyle and entertainment needs. UC Global produces a portfolio of live events such as Ultra Korea, Ultra Japan, and Ultra Bali, among many others. UC Global’s brands and events are produced across 12 countries and territories through over 100+ large format live events with over 1.4m fans in attendance.
About Fellaz:
Fellaz, based in Singapore, is a multi-chain Web3 entertainment business that offers real-world value through proprietary technology and global entertainment assets. As a digital and IRL event powerhouse, Fellaz creates exclusive experiences and maximizes user engagement via NFT-based lifestyle membership and ticketing services in entertainment and sports. Fostering and co-organizing original IRL events while managing a global lifestyle and entertainment membership service, Fellaz seeks to become the blueprint and a viable prototype for aspiring Web3 businesses while providing maximal value to the Fellaz ecosystem and its community members. Fellaz connects users with brands they love, making everyday entertainment experiences more exclusive.