Film star reduces water evaporation by 70%

Mohammed bin Rashid City District One lLgoon

New tech’ innovation to lower evaporation rates of crystal-clear lagoons by up to 70%; new sustainable solution will further reduce evaporation, use just half the water of a park of the same size and up to 30% less than an 18 hole golf course

Mohammed bin Rashid City District One lLgoon
Mohammed bin Rashid City District One lLgoon

Crystal Lagoons, the multinational innovation company, has developed new film-based evaporation technology for its global portfolio of crystal-clear lagoons, including 15 projects in the Middle East.

The cutting-edge technology, which will be showcased as part of the company’s offering at Cityscape Global, taking place at Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre from 6-8 September, lowers water-waste rates by up to 70%, further enhancing Crystal Lagoons’ sustainable credentials.

Exclusively manufactured in Canada for Crystal Lagoons, the technology consists of adding a special additive to the water which spreads an invisible anti-evaporation layer on the surface of the lagoon. This additive can be used at different water temperatures and withstand wind and rain. The technology is already being used in existing Crystal Lagoon developments and will be a key component in the Mohammed Bin Rashid City District One lagoon in Dubai, where the eight-hectare phase one is almost complete.

“As a company we’re acutely aware of the impact water shortage creates for 40% of the global population. As such, an integral part of our corporate social responsibility mandate is to support and energy saving solutions through our innovative and technological breakthroughs,” said Carlos Salas, Crystal Lagoons regional director for the Middle East.

Crystal Lagoons’ projects represent very low water consumption rates, requiring just half the water of a park of the same size and up to 30 times less water needed by a golf course – the new anti-evaporation film technology is set to further negate water consumption rates. The additive is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), the international body tasked with protecting the world’s food, water, consumer products and the environment.

Crystal lagoons has built a reputation on innovation and sustainability, underscored by patents awarded in the US via the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s (UNPTO) Green Fast Track programme, responsible for technology patents that have a positive impact both ecologically and environmentally with just one out of 1,500 applications successful.

Crystal Lagoons will be exhibiting at Cityscape Global in Hall 3 on stand 3A05.


The international market has confirmed the value of this technological innovation, with explosive growth that in less than seven years has reached a sizable portfolio of 300 projects worldwide in the urban, tourist, public and industrial sectors, in various stages of development. Today the company is associated with major international real estate companies, with presence in five continents across 60 countries, including the United States, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Jordan, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, among others.

Patented in 160 countries, this technology is also revolutionising the international energy and water market via its industrial applications for sustainable cooling of thermal power and industrial plants, and low cost water desalination and purification.

Crystal Lagoons is the only company in the world able to offer this innovative technology that enables the economically viable development of giant crystal clear lagoons suitable for swimming and the practice of water sports. These immense bodies of water are an irreplaceable amenity for real estate and tourist projects worldwide, as they add differentiated value and have caused a revolution in the worldwide real estate industry.  

These giant crystalline lagoons only require water to compensate for evaporation, and have a water consumption level of approximately half that of a park the same size and up to 30 times lower than a golf course.

Conventional swimming pool technology requires high and permanent levels of residual chlorine or other disinfectants to be maintained in the water to provide permanent disinfection to the pool and avoid contamination of the water brought by external agents such as bathers. Crystal Lagoons’ solution is to apply disinfection pulses within the lagoon that do not require a high and permanent disinfection level, but only use controlled pulses of very small quantities of oxidants/micro-biocides applied according to specific algorithms on very specific patterns. The results of this efficient pulse-based disinfection system are that the overall amounts of additives consumed using Crystal Lagoons’ technology are up to 100 times less than the amount used for swimming pools. A typical lagoon has about 400 sensors/injectors for such purposes.

Also, apart from the difference regarding water treatment and disinfection requirements as discussed previously, it must be noted that conventional swimming pool technology requires the filtration of its entire volume of water between 1 to 6 times per day (generally 4 times per day depending on regulations), which is achieved by using a traditionally configured centralized filtration unit. Crystal Lagoons’ solution is to apply a combination of different ultrasonic waves to the water in the lagoon, which allows the contaminant particles to agglomerate into larger particles that are easily removed from the system, consuming only 2% of the energy compared to conventional swimming pool centralized filtration systems.