• The first of its kind partnership in the region will offer podcast brand solutions to the marketing community
  • MIS Gulf will have exclusive rights over Finyal Media’s podcast media sales in MENA

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Finyal Media, a regional podcast network that focuses on storytelling podcasts across MENA, has formed an exclusive partnership with MIS Gulf which is set to be a regional first. The partnership will see MIS Gulf and Finyal Media bringing podcast media offerings to brands across the region and driving growth of the MENA podcasting sector.

The first of its kind partnership in the region will see MIS Gulf, one of the most established agencies in the region, being responsible for all podcast media sales for Finyal Media across MENA. The media offerings on Finyal Media’s podcast network includes ad spots, sponsorship opportunities, product placement and branded content offerings which include the development and production of podcast shows on the brands behalf. Finyal Media will be the first regional podcast network to have media agency representation, demonstrating the podcast media space is firmly on the radar as a growing medium for brand advertising within the region.

With a long history of successful media representation, boasting clients including CNN International & CNN Arabic, Fatafeat, Grand Cinemas and Chanel Factory in its portfolio, MIS Gulf has a growing focus on digital media sales. The partnership with Finyal Media aims to raise awareness of podcast brand solutions within the marketing community and help accelerate monetisation of podcasts in the region.

Leila HamadehCo-Founder and CEO of Finyal Media, said: “We are delighted to be embarking on this partnership with MIS Gulf, and to be the first podcast network in the region to have a long-term agency partnership for media sales. Given the recent boom in the podcasting space, this partnership really demonstrates the potential growth in the region for marketing opportunities within the podcast sector. We look forward to working with MIS Gulf to help brands achieve their marketing goals with the help of Finyal Media and our podcast offerings as well as supporting the growth of the podcast industry overall.”

Marwan Kai, CEO of MIS Gulf, commented: “I am delighted to announce our partnership with Finyal Media on this exciting project! Since its launch back in the 80’s, MIS has been at the heart of change that the Media landscape has witnessed over the years, and hence, it is only fitting that we are joining hands with the leading Podcast operators in the MENA region. Content is more than ever key to proper consumer engagement, and Finyal have demonstrated that the content that they are curating, Works. This partnership will put at the Brands’ disposal a measured, cost efficient engaging solution that will allow for accurate data targeting, ROI and Results.”

About Finyal Media:

Finyal Media ( is an award-winning podcast network which provides immersive audio experiences for young Arab listeners across MENA. The company’s mission is to tell stories that help young people reconnect with the Arab world. Finyal Media’s stories bring the region’s culture and heritage to life and range from adaptations of classic stories like 1001 Nights, Juha and Sindbad, which have been re-written for a modern audience, to historical narratives which look at the incredible stories of Arab cities.

Through their podcasts, Finyal Media reach young Arabs in a medium that is digital and on-demand. Their shows have become hit sensations with young audiences, having achieved over 6 million downloads in the Arab world and five #1 hits on the Apple Podcasts charts.  Finyal Media was launched in 2019 by three podcast enthusiasts Mshari Alonaizy, Majid Al Qassimi, and Leila Hamadeh. 

About MIS Gulf:  

Founded in 1982, with offices in Dubai, Beirut and Riyadh, MIS remains at the forefront of the media scene in the MENA region enabling media partners to deliver consistent success over the years.

MIS’s portfolio has evolved in line with the changes that have occurred in the industry, shifting its focus from “traditional” media to a “digital age” driven by data.

The current MIS portfolio includes Digital, TV and Cinema titles such as CNN International & CNN Arabic, Fatafeat, Chanel Factory, Alam Al Sayarat , T3 Middle East and Alam Assaat.