UAE: Flamigel® in collaboration with Safe Hands UAE, the First Aid training center hosted a specialised first aid – ‘Wounds and Burns Workshop’ yesterday, educating the attendees on how to administer the required first aid and treat the domestic burns and wounds efficiently at home. Flamigel being one of the elements which are important to have in a first aid kit.

Flamigel is a hydrocolloid gel clinically proven to contribute to 40% faster wound healing and prevention of scar formation. It can be used on a whole range of ailments, including sun burn, 1st degree burns, cuts, grazes, minor wounds and even post laser therapy. The most common everyday injuries are minor wounds and cuts, a superficial skin injury that can be a grazed area of the skin or slightly deeper wound. This is where the top layer of the skin is affected causing damage to the nerve endings and blood vessels – Flamigel creates a gel barrier to protect from infection and speed up the recovery for these key everyday ailments, making it an essential for every ‘Ouch’! 

Yesterday, Flamigel had hosted this workshop to prepare the attendees for a variety of situations of prevention, safety and emergency. In the workshop, attendees learned the basic of first aid administration, how to reach out for medical help in serious situation and how to provide the initial treatment to the injured person. Using a variety of dynamic educational methods, the workshop explored the know-hows of a first aid administration.

‘We are very delighted to have this session hosted with Safe Hands today. We wanted to educate people on the importance of basic first aid education and how to treat the superficial wounds and burns efficiently at home. Superficial burns can range from domestic burn, 1st degree burn to sunburn and others. With the summer upon us and people spending time on the beach, burns may be inevitable. And it is here, where the first aid training and Flamigel come to the rescue”, said Markus Wagener, Head of Marketing Pharma, AKI.

People often don’t consider the importance of basic first aid education. It is those who are trained who are more likely to take immediate action in an emergency situation. First aid skills can be applied at home, the workplace or in public locations, therefore the more First Aid certified people there are in a community the safer that community becomes. Becoming First Aid certified not only benefits the individual, but it extends to their family, friends, co-workers and even the community as a whole.

Price – AED64

Availability – Flamigel® is available at Binsina Pharmacy along with all leading pharmacies in the UAE.