Fitbar Raises the Bar for Timely and Fresh Meal Delivery in UAE with Yango Delivery


The healthy meal planning service has increased its delivery success rate to 95% and enhanced customer satisfaction with features such as live tracking

Dubai, United Arab Emirates Calorie-conscious UAE consumers have reason to celebrate as Fitbar, one of the country’s leading healthy meal planning services, has partnered with Yango Delivery, a global last-mile delivery platform provider, to streamline its logistics operations and thereby ensure fresh and healthy meals are delivered daily and on-time to its customers.

Recognising that consistent, timely delivery plays an outsized role in customer satisfaction, Fitbar decided to combine its strengths in tailoring tasty, affordable, and healthy meals with Yango Delivery’s globally established expertise in last mile logistics. “Our customers tend to have very specific dietary requirements based on their health and fitness goals and our service is finely tuned to empowering them to achieve these,” said Bothaina Yasser, Business Development Manager & Co-Founder at Fitbar. “Working with Yango Delivery, we give customers the peace of mind that their meals will be at their doorstep when they expect it, and in the condition and packaging that protects its freshness.”

A key factor that now differentiates Fitbar from its competitors is that its delivery operations are now based on a proven technology platform, provided by Yango Delivery. Once Fitbar provides Yango Delivery with a list of all orders that need to be delivered, optimised schedules and routes are automatically generated, based on Yango Delivery’s proprietary algorithm that takes into account factors such as delivery location, potential routes, as well as live and forecasted traffic conditions. This not only ensures that minimal time is spent between preparation and delivery, but also enhances the sustainability of operations. “We are deeply committed to running our operations in the most sustainable manner possible, and we take pride in knowing that Yango Delivery helps us minimise the effective fuel consumption of our fleet,” said Bothaina. 

With Yango Delivery, riders’ routes can be tracked in real-time. They can conveniently record proof of delivery by clicking a picture of the parcel that is automatically uploaded to the platform. And communication between Fitbar’s customer service agents and riders too has been streamlined. “This has elevated our customer experience to the next level. We’re able to confidently update our clients with the ETA for their delivery. And if they have any special requests, then communicating these to our drivers, and making the necessary updates to their schedule and route is greatly simplified,” said Ahmed Yasser, co-founder and CEO at Fitbar.

On a daily basis, Fitbar now provides customised, healthy meals to nearly 400 clients across the UAE. “Yango Delivery has enabled us to deliver these meals with a 95% success rate and as our partnership grows, we are on track to achieve a near-100% success rate very soon,” said Bothaina. “We also have plans to launch our mobile app, and Yango Delivery enables us to add a real-time tracking feature for a premium customer experience.”

About Yango Delivery:

Yango Delivery is an international provider of a technology-focused logistics platform that uses algorithms to offer the best delivery experience, reducing costs for businesses and improving customers’ satisfaction in the last-mile business. The company operates in more than 20 countries. Its solutions include different delivery speeds and a powerful real-time tracking tool that makes deliveries transparent to all parties involved. In this way, Yango Delivery helps brands ensure their reputation through a professionalised last-mile logistics service.