Following the Launch of his Debut Album “Baree’?” with Universal Arabic Music Issam Al Najjar performs in an Exclusive Listening Event with Anghami.


Around a year ago, Issam Al Najjar rose to fame with his viral single “Hadal Ahebek” hitting charts across different countries worldwide. Now is the time for Issam to take a big leap forward and release his debut album “Baree’?”.

The long-awaited album was launched during an invite only event with Anghami.

Dubai: A year has passed since the release of one of the trendiest songs in the Arab world transforming the Arabic Indie scene with a buzz of fresh popularity. A song that changed the life of the young Jordanian singer Issam Al Najjar and boosted his success, fame and fanbase.

“Hadal Ahebek”, the song that toured the world, joins a collection of new songs performed by Issam Al Najjar in his new album “Baree’?”, produced by the International label, Universal Arabic Music.

In celebration of this release, Anghami, the leading music streaming platform in the MENA region, invited artists, media personalities, influencers and fans to the “Garage Studio” venue in Dubai on Friday October 1st, to enjoy listening to Issam, performing 8 songs out of the album’s 14 tracks.

This exclusive event was Issam’s first live performance from his latest album, performing a collection of songs that were either already live or new tracks that fans never heard before. Sharing his joy after the event, Issam said: “Nothing feels better than meeting the audience live, it means a lot to me seeing them interact with my songs. I put so much effort into executing the album with Universal Arabic Music, the label that adopted my talent, and I’m happy to share it with the people who love my music through Anghami, the platform that supported me since day one.”

Anghami’s Head of Production Kamil Abi Khalil said: “Issam Al Najjar is a young talent who deserves support from Anghami. We are delighted to host this special gathering in celebration of an artist who proved himself within a very short period of time.” Abi Khalil added: “Anghami will remain an open platform for all the rising talents.”

Issam Al Najjar is an Arab music talent who made it internationally and gathered fans from all ages and countries. The public and social interaction during his special Anghami event is the latest proof of his remarkable potential and promising future.