FOO and Paymentology partner to enhance digital experience for businesses across the world through innovative payment solutions


The partnership will deliver a Digital First Virtual Card Platform, created using cutting edge Fintech solutions

Dubai, UAE: FOO is an award-winning, B2B SaaS solution provider that has partnered with Paymentology, the global processor with true worldwide reach. By combining their technology and expertise, together they will provide an out-of-the-box Digital First Virtual Card Platform.

The Digital First Virtual Card Platform helps to enhance digital offering for businesses across industries, ultimately improving the end customer’s experience. The platform works by delivering instant, easy-to-use virtual cards which can be used for e-commerce transactions or app payments. In a post pandemic world, customer expectations are higher than ever before, with a significant demand for secure and convenient digital solutions.

This partnership will enable businesses to adapt to the market and meet consumer demands with a seamless purchasing experience that includes smooth onboarding, instant digital card issuance, real-time card management and secure online and in-store payments.

Ghady Rayess, Managing Partner at FOO, comments: “By partnering with Paymentology, we are able to take a significant step towards global expansion, and branch further outside of the Middle East and into more diverse markets such as Africa. At FOO, we envision a world where businesses can deliver a seamless digital journey for their customers. Together with Paymentology, we are ready to make this possible.”

FOO’s role is to provide the financial technology behind the platform. The company specialises in digital solutions, built entirely in-house using a modular platform with the aim of providing super-personalized products that empower digital transformation. Paymentology, with an unparalleled global footprint, is responsible for the card issuing process, using its unrivalled cloud-based platform and AI-enhanced technology. Through this partnership, both companies can deliver a full turnkey solution to activate virtual card issuance services within any industry, with the added benefit of doing so within an exceptionally fast time-to-market.

Rowan Brewer, CEO at Paymentology shared: “We believe in making things easy, making them happen, and making them right. So, accessibility to spending and receiving money for anyone, anywhere, has always been a key focus for us. We have on-the-ground teams with regional expertise in 49 countries across Africa, Asia, Middle East, Latin America, and Europe. This is an excellent fit with FOO’s ambitions of enabling payments in diverse markets. With the power of technology and data, we’re creating customer-focused ecosystems with ‘plug and play’ solutions – for any region – with cards that can be used worldwide. We look forward to being part of the genuine positive impact this partnership unlocks.”

FOO is an award-winning, B2B SAAS solution provider, headquartered in the UAE, that specialises in empowering businesses through digital transformation. FOO provides innovative fintech solutions, built entirely in-house, that optimise digital capabilities for clients across diverse industries and enable them to deliver an unparalleled user experience.

FOO works with banks, fintech companies and key retailers across the MENA region, Africa, Europe and USA, including Mastercard, Visa, Benefits, Zain Group, PwC and MAF. FOO’s innovative platform is modular, built on digital micro-services that can be assembled to meet the specific requirements of each client. This approach, coupled with extensive regional experience, enables FOO to create super personalized digital products with a fast time to market. FOO’s key products include solutions for remittances, digital wallets, tokenized transactions, fully automated micro-lending and BNPL.

Paymentology is the global issuer-processor with true worldwide reach, giving banks and fintechs the technology, team and experience to issue and process Mastercard, Visa and UnionPay cards across 48 countries (and counting). With over 24 years’ experience, their advanced, multi-cloud Platform, offering both shared and dedicated processing instances, vast global presence, and richer, real-time data, set them apart as the leader in payments.

Paymentology works with businesses at any scale, in both mature and emerging markets. They have payments experts with deep, local market knowledge, on the ground, in 49 countries, across 14 time zones, guaranteeing 24/7 global support.

For more than 20 years, Paymentology has been sharing their successes with others through their Changing Lives Initiative – doing good in communities in which they operate in is a fundamental part of what makes them who they are.