foodpanda Group announces merger of “hellofood” and “HungerStation”


Strategic partnership brings two leading online food ordering platforms together

Ebrahim Al Jassim - Founder and CEO HungerStation
Ebrahim Al Jassim – Founder and CEO HungerStation

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: foodpanda, the global group that originally started the brand hellofood in March 2013, has recently announced the merger of the two leading online food ordering platforms “hellofood” and “HungerStation”. This newborn strategic partnership will strengthen the operations and footprint of the two companies in the Kingdom, as well as consolidate foodpanda group’s market leadership in the region.

“foodpanda is always on the lookout for strategic opportunities, to combine the best global operational practices with great successful entrepreneurs, obtaining solid local and regional market knowledge and strive to bring the most convenient food delivery experience to our customers” said Co-founder and COO of foodpanda Global, Felix Plog.

“hellofood and HungerStation have already proved the effectiveness of this merger in just three months; we can already foresee the prosperous future of this partnership,” added Plog.

Under the leadership of Ebrahim Al-Jassim, Founder and CEO of HungerStation, both brands will continue to operate in the Kingdom to cater to the different segments of customers and offer the largest variety of food outlets and restaurants. The partnership will bring together a strong dedicated team to lead the operations and provide better services and food offerings to the more than +20 million residents currently covered by the platforms in more than 47 cities across the Kingdom.

Anass Boumediene, Managing Director of foodpanda Middle East commented: “This merger presents an opportunity for two market leaders to combine their skills and expertise to further provide enhanced services and food offerings for our customers in Saudi Arabia and the region.

“With Ebrahim’s ambition and great entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with our diverse operational practices we can set assure that this partnership is the perfect successful combo for Saudi Arabia and the region,” added Mehdi Oudghiri Co-Managing Director of foodpanda Middle East.

“With the experience, resources and technology that foodpanda brings to the table, we are very excited and ready to take the next big step in order to provide a world class service and experience to our growing customer base.” said Ebrahim Al-Jassim, Founder and CEO of HungerStation. “We have worked very hard during the last years, in developing strategic alliances with the main players in the food industry and building trust among our customers. That together with our working ethics and culture helped us to become the leader of online food delivery in the Kingdom, leading to this great opportunity to join hands with hellofood.”

HungerStation and hellofood remain committed to outgrow the online food industry, by continuing to expanding into new cities, introducing new complimentary services as well as partnering with more and more food outlets to ensure it meets all consumers’ tastes.

foodpanda entered the Middle East in March 2013 under its hellofood brand. Further, the company operates the food delivery businesses 24h in the United Arab Emirates and Otlob in Egypt.

About foodpanda:

The foodpanda group is the leading online food delivery marketplace in emerging markets. The company operates in 24 growth countries in Asia, Middle East, Russia and Eastern Europe. It enables restaurants to become visible in the online and mobile world and provides them with an industry leading software and technology to generate additional demand. For consumers, foodpanda offers the convenience to order food online and the widest gastronomic range, from which they can choose their preferred meals via app or online with a few fingertips. foodpanda has a market leading position in most of its markets, including India, Russia, Singapore, and Hong Kong. It has built proprietary food ordering software and technology for over 40.000 partner restaurants. Furthermore, foodpanda is able to ensure in-time delivery and quality through proprietary, own “last-mile” delivery technology and operations – even in complex markets and cities.

About Hungerstation:

HungerStation was founded by Saudi entrepreneur Ebrahim Al-Jassim in March 2012 in Dammam, as one of the first online food ordering portals in the region. Today, the service is available in over 47 cities across Saudi Arabia. HungerStation has consistently been ranked as the top app in the food category in KSA.