France Pavilion enlightens Expo 2020 with almost 80,000 visitors in the first 10 days


United Arab Emirates: Expo 2020 Dubai is off to a great start, welcoming 411,768 ticketed visits in its first ten days (official figures from Expo) since its inauguration on October 1. 

In this context, France is delighted to announce that 79,559 of these visitors have visited the France Pavilion in the same period of time. The fast-queue system is working at its best and the waiting time never exceeds 10 minutes, in respect with the sanitary conditions that take place.

Guests can also enjoy a luminous experience on the outdoor terrace at night: Roger Pradier® is providing remarkably aesthetic lighting for the Belvedere floor. The nomadic models Tank designed by Cédric Ragot, La Hutte designed by matali crasset, and Lampiok designed by Stéphane Joyeux spread a light that adapts to the time of the day, transforming the Belvedere space.


Founded in January 2018, COFREX (French Exhibition Company) is a publicly owned simplified joint-stock company. Its creation was a turning point for French involvement at international events for the general public, as it was the first time that an expert body had been put together in this area. Its aim is to prepare, organise and oversee France’s participation in universal and international Exhibitions. 

COFREX’s creation is part of a sustainable, long-term project to use the experience of previous Expos in order to perfectly and cost-effectively organise France’s involvement at World Expos and other international exhibitions. Its role falls under the rationale of partnership between public and private operators working to boost France’s image and international appeal.