From “BXP” to NIIAR”: a name change or a new concept for real estate investment?


Beirut – Lebanon: After ten years of operating in Lebanon, “Brokers XP (BXP)”, the leading real estate brokerage firm, announced the change of its name to “NIIAR” for Real Estate Investment, in addition to adopting a new brand as part of its innovative plan to expand in the region. 

This major pioneering step forward enables the development of the firm’s niche locally, and allows it to strengthen its capacity to expand regionally within a comprehensive strategy that extends over a period of four years – from 2021 to 2024 – through which it provides integrated real estate solutions that cover three main areas: “Property Management”, “Real Estate Consultancy” and “Conveyancing”. As such, the company transcends the prevailing traditional concepts and creates a new concept “Real Estate Redefined”. 

“NIIAR” asserts that this paradigm shift will not affect its commitment to the customers and their needs, as they have always been and will remain the focus of its attention and the bedrock of its success. Furthermore, it will strive to provide them with top-grade services and the best promising and rewarding investment opportunities in various real estate areas, namely residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural.

Mr. Abdallah Saleh, CEO of NIIAR, stated that this change occurred in the context of solidifying the firm’s position as a prestigious brand albeit recent, while striving for creativity-driven development through the use of the latest digital innovations and the expertise of an experienced team of specialists and consultants, based on the legacy of the firm and its track record of accomplishments and deep-rooted values.

As for the word “NIIAR”, it embodies the paradigm shift the firm made, and means “Illumination”, therefore denoting the firm’s ambitions and aspirations towards a bright tomorrow and a better future in the real estate industry. The symbolic logo, which represents the word NIIAR in the Arabic language, complements this spirituality with its yellow and brown colors, where the first indicates ambition, success and brightness, while the second is reminiscent of land, solidity and experience.

About NIIAR:

The Group, founded in 2009, consolidated a diversified and integrated portfolio of real estate solutions, with a keen focus on transforming the way people conceptualize the real estate industry. Determined to succeed in the world of leading businesses, and with a passion for development in the spirit of creative intelligence, NIIAR is a landmark and role model for the real estate sector for its high moral reputation, exemplary performance, and institutional excellence.

Cultivated with the proper tools and expertise, NIIAR is committed to devoting continuous efforts into benefiting from the latest digital innovations, seeking lucrative opportunities for investment, and offering value-added services while keeping client satisfaction amongst the top pillars of its success.

Our team of skilled professionals is determined to achieve the highest levels of efficiency and quality in the service of customers and investors through understanding their needs, guiding them to the best solutions, and providing them with the most fulfilling experience.