Full programme of literature, thought and creativity with ‘Reading Box’ at City Centre Mirdif

  • Between storytelling and literary sessions, discover writing skills, make bookmarks and learn about the culinary world.
  • A constellation of writers, creatives and speakers participating in a variety of activities.
  • All events are available to the public free of charge and without the need for registration.

Dubai – UAE: Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) has revealed the ‘Reading Box’ 2022 programme, which will be at City Centre Mirdif from 19 to 28 October. Activities will range from reading sessions, panel discussions, poetry evenings, interactive creative workshops, performances, and more.

‘Reading Box’ will accompany readers of all ages on a memorable cultural, literary and creative journey in storytelling with a selection of authors, such as Zelmaré Viljoen, Khadijah Kudsi, Naouel Chaoui, Darren Taylor, Sharavati Choksi and Zeeshahn Fezi.

Visitors of all ages will be able to learn about Islamic geometric patterns and their use through history whilst creating their own bookmarks as part of a collaboration between the School of Life initiative and Project You. 

In other fun workshops, children will have the opportunity to learn yoga poses while escaping on a Sunny Holiday through storytelling that evokes the imagination; learn about the different forms of money, whether coins, bills or credit cards, in an entertaining story where the coins come to life; explore the many amazing possibilities life has to offer via the ‘What will you be?’ book storytelling; a reading of the story ‘Boo,’ a fun, enjoyable story for children that helps them to understand others’ emotions and show sympathy; and a short brain-science knowledge-based workshop with activities that teaches students how they can grow their intelligence.

Adults will also be able to enjoy a set of workshops and activities, including a Tête-à-tête with Chef Nigel where they will discuss successes in the culinary world; and the Memorable Flavours session that gives them a glimpse into the lives of the twelve authors; a poetry session, where Emirati poet Maryam Wajdi and Pakistani poet Kazi Mahesar will take the audience into a mystic journey through memory, thoughts, love and the inner deep soul; in addition to other fun and education activities.

The activities will be held from 10a.m. to 9p.m. at City Centre Mirdif, which is a well-known destination for shopping and entertainment. The activities and events within the programme will hopefully contribute to encouraging reading in the community going forward.