G42 Healthcare expands clinical genetics in the UAE


G42 Healthcare, Abu Dhabi-based leading health-tech company transforming the UAE’s healthcare landscape with AI and advanced medical technologies, has scaled up efforts to offer its clinical genetic testing solutions in the UAE. The company has launched over 250 comprehensive clinical genetic testing panels that use state-of-the-art sequencing technologies, with the shortest turnaround time.

In his comments, Dr Fahed Al Marzooqi, Chief Operating Officer of G42 Healthcare, said: “As part of our efforts to support the health of future generations and provide better healthcare every day, Biogenix Labs is expanding its clinical genetics offering in the region and reinforcing its reputation as the regional testing provider of choice.”

“We will soon be expanding this offering to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the wider GCC region as well,” Dr Al Marzooqi concluded.

These diagnostic tests or biomarkers help assess high-risk patients and aid in the early detection of diseases, their prognosis, therapy selection, response to treatment, and chances of recurrence. With the enhanced offering of more than 5,000 whole-genome sequencing per week and over 50,000 whole-exome sequencing per week, it unlocks the possibilities for preventive and precision therapies that will transform the healthcare landscape in the UAE, enabling it to transition from sick care to healthcare.

The current clinical testing portfolio of Biogenix Labs includes screening for cancer, rare and metabolic diseases, newborn genetic conditions, as well as carrier screening tests to determine a couple’s risk of passing inherited disorders to future generations and non-invasive prenatal testing.

The clinical genetic solutions, to be offered through Biogenix Labs – part of G42 Healthcare, are part of the company’s mission to provide insights and facilitate early diagnosis and treatment of cancer, rare and metabolic diseases and other genetic conditions in the region.

The clinical genetics offering will soon be followed by the consumer genomics testing equivalent, which will lay the path for personalised health and wellness plans in the UAE and beyond.

About G42 Healthcare

G42 Healthcare, a leading health-tech company, is on a mission to develop a world-class healthcare sector in the UAE and beyond, by harnessing data and advanced medical technologies to unlock the potential of personalized and preventive care and transforming the traditional healthcare ecosystem. We have built Biogenix Labs, UAE’s first COVID-19 accredited large-scale throughput laboratory, facilitated the 4Humanity clinical trials, the world’s first phase three trial for inactivated vaccine against COVID-19 with over 43,000 volunteers from 125+ nationalities across the pan-Arab region, established the region’s first dedicated contract research organization (IROS) for conducting clinical research with and for local populations, supported UAE’s healthcare authorities on the national vaccination implementation, conducted research into new vaccines and drug therapies, and built Omics Centre of Excellence, the region’s largest and most technologically advanced Omics facility that is the backbone for the Emirati Genome Program, the world’s most comprehensive population genomics initiative.