Galaxy Racer and Polaris Sports: A Winning Partnership for Engaging Gen Z


Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Galaxy Racer (GXR), a leading transmedia organization focused on esports, gaming, and lifestyle organization headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is pleased to announce a collaboration with Polaris Sports, a global organization renowned for their expertise in athlete commercial rights representation. This joint venture aims to engage the next generation of talent, Gen Z, through the creation of interactive and consumable content.

As part of the partnership, Polaris Sports, a company that has been a mainstay in the industry for over a decade and a half, representing some of the world’s most successful athletes such as Cristiano Ronaldo, José Mourinho, Falcao, James Rodríguez, Bernardo Silva and new exciting talent such as João Felix, Rafael Leão, Ansu Fati, Marcos Asensio and many others, reaching more than 1.2 billion social media followers will become an investor and shareholder in GXR. The two companies will also work closely together to elevate the profiles of sporting personalities represented by Polaris Sports and reach new audiences.

This partnership allows sport figures to connect with and engage Gen Z through content, esports, gaming, and branding initiatives, with the ultimate goal of creating interactive content for Gen Z in the Middle East and beyond.

Paul Roy, Founder of Galaxy Racer, stated, “We are grateful and honoured to be able to join forces with a global brand like Polaris Sports. Our mandate is to identify regional and global opportunities for players and unlock new channels for commercial collaborations and revenue generation. This is a very exciting time in our industry with so much to offer to both players and fans.”

Luís Correia, from Polaris Sports, said: “Polaris’s philosophy has always been to be associated with the brightest international talents with the goal to ensure, increase, and underpin their commercial status on a global scale. That’s why this partnership with Galaxy Racer (GXR) has everything to be a success and a winner, aiming to further enhance athletes and exploring joint opportunities in a region where we already have a strong presence. It is with great joy that we start this partnership with Galaxy Racer.”

GXR remains committed to supporting the growth of the region and catering to the needs of esports, gaming, lifestyle, and sports enthusiasts, as exemplified by their recent 15-year Joint Venture with Spanish football league LaLiga, which is expected to generate over €3 billion in revenue. As the only organization to fully unite esports, gaming, lifestyle, and sports, GXR continues to be a trailblazer in the industry.

About Galaxy Racer:

Galaxy Racer (GXR) was founded in 2019 by Paul Roy and is a transmedia powerhouse focused on esports, content Creators, music, and sports, with our competitive esports division, Nigma Galaxy having an impressive roster of ten esports teams in Dota 2, League of Legends, CS:GO, Fortnite, VALORANT, PUBG Mobile, BGMI and Free Fire. Galaxy Racer has over 100 content creators across North America, Middle East North Africa (MENA), South Asia, Europe, and Southeast Asia (SEA), amassing over 500 million followers and generating over 2.5 billion monthly views. Galaxy Racer provides live streaming and gaming talents with brand endorsement deals, streaming contracts, creator collaborations, digital rights management, monetization, offline event opportunities, managing their social media channels and content programming.

About Polaris Sports:

Polaris Sports is one of the leading commercial agencies of the world, representing some of the top athletes in the game, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, José Mourinho or Diogo Jota, as well as some of the hottest new talent like João Félix, Ansu Fati, Rafael Leão, alongside with Bernardo Silva, João Cancelo, Rúben Dias, James Rodriguez, among many others.

The company works closely with most of the main global brands in different marketing tools, such as endorsements, personal branding, new media, licensing, and sales – aims to increase and link up with his commercial standing in his native land and open up new markets. Its reach combined with its clients is more than 1.2 billion followers worldwide on social media.

Polaris began operations in 2005 and since has positioned itself as one of the world’s best sponsoring sports agencies in promoting his athletes and managing their commercial rights, strengthened its leading position in the market.