Galaxy S23 series sets a new sales record in the MENA Region and globally due to overwhelming performance and word-of-mouth recommendations

  • Galaxy S23 Series sales exceeded the S22 in the MENA region by 1.5 times. 
  • The MENA region has shown extremely high interest in the Galaxy S23 Ultra, with over 70% of Galaxy S23 series sales attributed to the S23 Ultra. 

MENA – Samsung Electronics announced that its Galaxy S23 Series, which launched for sale globally on 17 February, recorded higher sales worldwide than the previous Galaxy S22 series in the same period. 

At a press conference held during Unpacked on 1 February, TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics, said that though we aimed to grow the sales of the S23 Series over the S22 by more than double-digits, we achieved better-than-expected results by recording increased sales by up to 70% year-on-year worldwide for 47 days since the launch of the S23 Series. 

In particular, the MENA region achieved a high proportion of premium sales — 1.5 times higher sales than the S22. This achievement is attributed to the S23 Series’ powerful performance, unmatched camera capabilities and unique product experience. 

India, a global population powerhouse, also confirmed the S23’s high popularity in the local market, recording 1.4 times the sales of the S22 in the same period.  Additionally, major Latin American countries, such as Brazil and Mexico, recorded sales 1.7 times higher, and Korea recently surpassed the 1-million-units-sold mark. 

The global sales of the Galaxy S23 Ultra, S23+, and S23 were tallied at 6 to 2 to 2, respectively, and the popularity of the Galaxy Ultra products was overwhelming.

The MENA has shown extremely high interest in the Galaxy S23 Ultra, with over 70% of Galaxy S23 series sales attributed to the Galaxy Ultra. The industry believes that the strong performance of the Galaxy S23 Ultra and the innovative camera performance of 200 million pixels have captured consumers’ hearts.

Samsung Electronics released the Galaxy S23 series in about 130 countries, including Korea, the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia, Latin America and India. 

The global launch of the Galaxy S23 series will be completed with the upcoming launch in Japan on 20 April and the rest of the Middle East and Africa. 

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