GDC Fund Management Limited Signs Three MoUs With Multiple Parties At Expo 2020 Dubai


Malaysia’s GDC Fund Management Limited (GDC), a fund manager licensed by the Labuan Financial Services Authority has inked a tripartite strategic memorandum of understanding (MoU) with World Credit Savings Limited (WCS), a financial services firm licensed by the Abu Dhabi Global Market Registration Authority, and Masco Ventures Limited (MASCO), a company licensed by the LFSA to conduct money broking business specializing in digital asset. 

The Tripartite MoU lays an important cross-border partnership milestone between GDC, WCS and MASCO that aims to provide trustworthy financial services and products for high-net-worth individuals and sophisticated investors within the region of Asia, by leveraging the corporations’ existing resources, expertise and networks. The Joint-partnership is aiming to achieve a fund size of 200 million US Dollars in the initial phase. 

The MoU signing was witnessed by Senator Jaziri Alkaf Abdillah Suffian at the Malaysia Pavilion in Expo 2020 Dubai. Also present were Dato’ Jessica Tan, Chairwomen of GDC; Dato’ Billy Goh, Deputy Chairman of GDC; Mr. Bai Mingguo, Managing Director of WCS; and Mr. Sean Teh, Chairman of MASCO. 

Additionally, GDC signed an MoU with Jujuy Energia Y Mineria Sociedad Del Estado (JEMSE), an Argentine state-run mining and power company engaged in the surveying, prospecting and exploration of hydrocarbons and minerals resources. JEMSE’s operations also involves  renewable energy generation, transmission and distribution. 

The MoU established a vital partnership between the two parties to explore potential collaborations, whereby GDC seeks to provide investment advisory and fund management services to JEMSE for the course of developing the renewable green energy and technology.

Furthermore, GDC also grabbed the golden opportunity at the World Expo 2020 Dubai to sign an MoU with BTA Wealth Management Limited, a licensed independent financial corporation focusing on wealth management established under the Dubai International Financial Centre, whereby the parties desire to establish and commence a mutual beneficial partnership to jointly launch and promote private equity fund and other investment instruments for high-net-worth investors in Malaysia and the Asia-Pacific region. 

With the MoU, BTA through GDC will explore opportunities in Southeast Asia markets other than its current Middle East, Africa and South Asia markets, and targets to establish a fund size of 100 million US dollars. The MoU signing was witnessed by Senator Jaziri Alkaf Abdillah Suffian with the presence of Dato Jessica Tan, Chairwomen of GDC; Dato’ Billy Goh, Deputy Chairman of GDC; Mr Luis Freire Anjos, CIO & Partner of BTA; and Mr Henrique Anjos, CEO and Managing Partner of BTA. 

About GDC Fund Management Limited:

A Fund Management company licensed under Labuan FSA (Labuan Financial Services Authority). Aims to connect businesses and create a seamless integrated eco-system allowing emerging digital and conventional financial institutions to cross-over its offerings.

GDC provides a diverse portfolio of financial services from financial consultancy to wealth management. Its dynamic approach to managing clients’ fund is driven by strong governance in order to provide sound investment that is flexible and adaptable. 

About World Credit Savings Limited:

A licensed investment bank under Abu Dhabi Global market (ADGM), WCS is an investment bank that aims to deliver latest innovation in financial services and focus on measuring success by the satisfaction of its clients. 

MASCO Ventures Limited:

A digital asset trading brokerage platform licensed under Labuan FSA (Labuan Financial Services Authority). Emphasises on automated liquidity aggregation and supported 24/7 cybersecurity protection to assert and enhance the user’s confidence. 

BTA Wealth Management Limited:

An independent financial corporation focusing on wealth Management. Based in Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) which is providing a world-class platform connecting the markets of the region with the economies of all major capital markets globally. Provides services such as Wealth Management, Asset Management, Corporate Advisory.