With the temperature rising and an upcoming long weekend coming in July we all want to hit the beach looking and feeling our best and collagen shot from Gaia Naturelle can help to get our skin, hair and nails and beach body ready. 

European-based producers of liquid dietary supplements and natural skin care cosmetics, Gaia Naturelle, has launched its range of dietary supplements in the GCC with its health and beauty boosting signature product, Collagen Shot. Boasting a combination of ingredients including Collagen, MSM (mineral), Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamins C, E, B6, Biotin and Zinc, the water-based supplement is created using the latest technology and high-quality concentrated active ingredients. 

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body, and up to 70% of the protein that makes up our skin is made from Collagen. It is vital for maintenance and structure and is the glue that holds our tissues together. From our mid-twenties, we lose collagen at a rate of around 1% per year and it continues to decline as we grow older. The outer layer of our skin thins and loses elasticity which is why we may notice a difference in our skin with ageing or wrinkles as we age, as well as brittle nails and hair loss. Our lifestyle choices also play a role in reduced collagen levels, with stress, illness, diet and the environment affecting our collagen levels. 

With ingredients including hydrolyzed fish collagen, Collagen Shot can help boost immunity and improve overall health. With no GMO, gluten, dairy, soy or sugar, it is ideal for almost everyone and is ready to drink. The Collagen Shot is produced in a certified ISO22000 and GMP facility in Europe, following all measures and procedures to ensure that the quality of products is consistent and in line with health regulations and specifications. 

Collagen Shot is available on, Amazon and The Entertainer and is just the first in a long line of products that will soon be available in the GCC, from liquid supplements and protein bars to face and body skincare. 

About Gaia Naturelle:

Gaia Naturelle was founded by Anja Bordon. The brand is dedicated to developing “one-stop” solutions using super-concentrated active ingredients that work in symbiosis with each other, resulting in increased benefits. It produces high-quality products with innovative concepts, achieving beauty from within, health, endurance, and mobility for a better quality of life. One of their signature products is Collagen Shot which is produced in Slovenia, Europe.