GFI, IBFI, and Super General join hands to deliver value-added food and beverage experiences to customers


Albatha Group leverages on brand collaboration to showcase synergies among its sought-after and well-loved brands

Sharjah, UAE: The Albatha Group, a UAE-based conglomerate comprising 25 autonomous companies – specializing in sectors as diverse as automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, engineering, electronics, FMCG, food, and real estate, has leveraged on the individual strengths and synergies of the various brands under its wing to bring innovative value-added brand partnerships, promotions, and experiences to customers.

During Ramadan, Global Food Industries (GFI), the UAE’s leading homegrown food manufacturing company and makers of the popular Al Areesh ready-to-cook meals, tied up with Super General, a leading dynamic home appliances and electronics global brand, in providing households with the best way to prepare sumptuous Iftar and Sohour meals at the comforts of home.

As key brands under the Albatha Consumer group, its ‘Cook with Al Areesh’ and ‘Ramadan Kitchen Makeover’ campaigns showcased how GFI and Super General are a perfect match in enabling consumers to cook Al Areesh’s ZING Crunchy Chicken range to perfection using an air fryer.

Moving on into the summer months, this time International Beverage and Filling Industries (IBFI), also a key brand under the Albatha Consumer group and makers of the market-leading Star Soda brand has tied up with Super General to offer consumers a refreshing way to cool down during the summer’s scorching hot weather, while giving customers the chance to win AED50,000 worth of world-class home appliances.

“Since inception, we at GFI and IBFI have always had the consumer at heart in creating a range of delicious ready-to-cook meals under the Al Areesh brand, as well as delightfully refreshing beverages under the Star Soda brand,” said Marwa Hassan, Head of Marketing at GFI and IBFI. “With its easy and convenient preparation, Super General’s air fryer makes it the perfect fit to bring out the crunch, tenderness and enchanting flavors of the Al Areesh ZING Crunchy Chicken. On the other hand, as customers enjoy Star Soda’s refreshing drinks and beat the summer heat, they also get a chance to win and own a range of one of the world’s best home appliance brands. 

“Clearly, our collaborations have been an effective way to boost brand equity for Al Areesh, Star Soda, and Super General,” Marwa added. “It also brought further awareness among consumers on how our synergies can bring the best taste, quality, and convenient solutions to every household. The positive feedback we received from consumers on these campaigns has been encouraging and we are finding more ways of exploring further collaborations with other Albatha Group brands in the future.”

“Such an opportunity to work with GFI and IBFI on these occasions have truly been exceptional,” said Udit Agarwal – Head of Marketing at Super General. “With our kitchen products manufactured under the highest standards of world-class quality, not only are households assured of the safest electronic cooking appliances such as our air fryer, but also the technology that ensures every meal is cooked to perfection. These collaborations have truly been a huge success and I wish to thank everyone involved in these campaigns.”

The collaboration of Super General with GFI’s Al Areesh and IBFI’s Star Soda are smartly designed partnerships that have helped all brands stand out and showcase what’s unique about them, help them cut through the noise, reach new consumers, and give consumers a unique way to experience the superior quality of all three brands.