Global loyalty management market poised to be worth over USD 4 billion by 2020

Shan Abdul Salam, CTO, Bebuzzd

UAE loyalty programs need to be reimagined in order to extend more value and increase consumer engagement —says Bebuzzd

Shan Abdul Salam, CTO, Bebuzzd
Shan Abdul Salam, CTO, Bebuzzd

Bebuzzd, a new multi-store digital loyalty program that aims to provide local businesses with a simpler way to recognize, attract, and retain loyal customers and thereby increase revenues, has revealed that loyalty programs in the UAE need to be reimagined in order to increase consumer engagement and to extend more value to its customers. The statement closely complements recent retail industry reports forecasting the global loyalty management market to grow to a value of USD 4 billion in the next four years. The expected growth is being attributed to key drivers like the rapid and constant changes in consumers’ demographics, the continuing emergence of more and more mobile technologies, increasing number of card holders and the increased focus on customer segmentation made by loyalty programs.

According to Bebuzzd senior executives, the strong focus placed on customer behaviour, segmentation and engagement has driven the need for improved and enhanced customer loyalty programs. The new Bebuzzd app not only rewards points to loyal customers, but also promotes the respective local businesses from any industry. Looking to add more excitement to consumer spending activities, businesses that are affiliated with Bebuzzd will now find it easier to connect with their customers, through the Bebuzzd Manager’s app, which helps in retaining existing customers and turn new customers into loyal ones.

“Mobile phones and other mobile gadgets are now changing the retail and shopping landscape,” said Shan Abdul Salam, CTO, Bebuzzd. “Today, people are now more connected than ever and have learned to use their mobile phones, as a tool to help them in determining the optimal balance of price and quality–allowing them to come up with a better decision making process on the purchases they make. Bebuzzd Manager’s app was developed as a tool for businesses to understand their customers better—using the app managers can send customized digital vouchers, offers, event notifications with just one click through a digital clock. If the customer cannot make it, the voucher can always be transferred to a friend digitally.”

Reports have shown that 94 per cent of smartphone users that use a mobile wallet application are more likely to save personalized offers and coupons, while 82 per cent have stated that they agree in the convenience that that digital coupons offer over their paper counterparts. Bebuzzd has eliminated the hassle of carrying many loyalty cards. Once downloaded and installed on a smartphone or any smart gadget, users will be able to earn exclusive rewards from their favourite businesses across Dubai–be it a cup of coffee from a nearby cafe to a haircut in your preferred beauty salon.

“Businesses should be more aware of the value brought in by a loyal customer, which is ten times more for a new customer. We strongly believe that customers should be recognized and rewarded for visiting their favorite places across UAE and this is why we created Bebuzzd—to continue in creating rewarding experience for our community members. Bebuzzd, amongst other loyalty programs in UAE, represents a customer loyalty program that has been reimagined to offer our community members with a rewarding experience,” concluded Abdul Salam.