Going green, keeping clean.. Kärcher cleans the local environment while protecting the world’s environment

Mr. Mazen Abou Chakra, Export Sales Director, Kärcher Middle East FZE

Dubai: The UAE is revolutionising environmental protection and preservation with world-class mega projects such as Mohammed Bin Rashid Solar Park, Dubai Sustainable City, Desert Rose and plans to host the world’s most sustainable Expo in 2020. The country is also a leading force for sustainability through institutions such as Masdar, DEWA and Emirates Green Building Council and frameworks like Estidama.

In line with the UAE’s work to make the world a more sustainable place, Kärcher is continuing to pioneer new solutions that have greater efficiency and less environmental impact.

The entire range of professional and home products adhere to the company’s goal for constant improvement in environmental capability, with each generation of Kärcher appliances more effective and environmentally friendly than the previous.

To highlight the most outstanding of these, Kärcher has implemented the eco!ogic and eco!efficiency labels. Appliances with these features boast significant reductions in precious resources such as water and energy along with time, noise and CO₂ emissions (where applicable) while still achieving peak performance.

The eco!efficiency Dry Vacuum Cleaner reduces power output by 40% while achieving 98% of the suction power of a basic unit with just half the noise. Kärcher’s HDS-E 8/16-4 M hot water high-pressure cleaners reduce energy consumption by up to 40% in standby mode thanks to the insulated boiler and other professional and outdoor products, such as pressure cleaners and scrubber driers, feature an eco!efficiency mode.

Items carrying the eco!ogic label combine sophisticated technology, outstanding power, user-friendly handling and consideration for the environment, in line with the 12 requirements of the label. These cover conservation of drinking water and reduction of waste pollution, the use of responsible materials, low noise, effective dust filtration and other features.

Mr. Mazen Abou Chakra, Export Sales Director, Kärcher Middle East FZE said: “Kärcher’s machines are both environmentally friendly in operation and manufactured in sustainable plants using low-impact materials. While all of our products are engineered to meet the highest standards of performance, products achieving the most impressive results are labelled so consumers have additional peace of mind and can see, at a glance, the exact product credentials.”

Sustainability echoes throughout the supply chain from raw material production to distribution and disposal, with an emphasis on reparability rather than replacement to extend a product’s lifecycle. Karcher’s machines are currently more than 90% recyclable with the supply chain under continual review in order to source the best raw materials for the job. Karcher also engineers appliances to have fewer components, meaning less to manufacture and less to repair. The resulting lighter weight not only saves driving energy, it also saves a serious amount of raw materials and energy in manufacture.

Mr. Abou Chakra added: “We strive for excellence in the field of ecology and our stakeholders have great expectations for our machines. We ensure all our products are energy and resource efficient, and that we keep the environmental impact of our machines to a minimum. These two reasons constantly spur us to develop and improve our products with regard to the environment.”

Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co. KG:

Founded in 1935, the family-owned business is based in Winnenden, Germany and is the world’s leading supplier of cleaning technology to the private, commercial and industrial sectors. The Middle East subsidiary opened its doors in 1998 and is located in Dubai. The Kärcher product range includes high-pressure cleaners, vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, window vacs, vacuum sweepers, scrubber driers, vehicle washing bays, drinking water and wastewater treatment systems, dry ice blasters, cleaning agents, garden and household pumps, watering systems and drinking water dispensers.