Google launches a short video series on social media to promote tourism in Saudi Arabia


Google collaborates with local Saudi influencers to promote Jeddah using Google Search, Maps and Lens

Jeddah: Google is launching a short video series to promote tourism in Saudi Arabia with the help of Saudi content creators. The initiative which is called “Saraina m3 Google – Google سرينا مع”, (means Let’s go with Google) features three road trip experiences in Jeddah by Saudi content creators who explore hidden gems and destinations in history, art and nature with the help of Google. The short videos are in Arabic with English subtitles to reach a wide audience of Arabic and non-Arabic speakers.

The first episode, which aired on April 13, features Sultan AlBadran and Mosab AlMaliki and highlights the artistic and cultural side of Jeddah, including the Islamic Arts Biennale, and Hayy Jameel, an arts complex and creative hub in the city. The second episode will spotlight Al-Balad, the historical area of Jeddah. The third episode spotlights the nature of Jeddah with a boat trip in the Red Sea. Throughout the campaign, Saudi content creators will learn to use the latest AI-powered features of Google Search, Maps and Lens, to explore locally relevant information and discover new neighbourhoods.

Dina Al Samhan, Head of Google Advertising Partnerships in Saudi Arabia, said; “We’re excited about the launch of ‘Saraina m3 Google’, our first collaboration with Saudi talent to promote the Kingdom in new and creative ways and using products like Search and Maps that people love and use everyday. We hope to continue this effort with other local creators to help promote tourism in Saudi Arabia.”

The campaign features Saudi content creators including Sultan AlBadran, Mosab AlMaliki, Yazeed AlDereni and Maram Beeko. There was also a special appearance of Abrar, a Saudi local guide on Google Maps, to help shed light on the importance of supporting local businesses by adding credible reviews on Google Maps.

According to Google’s internal data, global searches on Google for Saudi Arabia as a travel destination increased by +160% in 2022 year over year. Jeddah was the second most searched travel destination by residents in the Kingdom last year.