Grupo ISA begins its presence at Expo Dubai 2020, offsetting the carbon footprint of the Colombia pavilion

  • The world’s fair, Expo Dubai 2020, starts off with Climate and Biodiversity Week. The Colombia pavilion will be carbon neutral during the first week of the fair, thanks to the compensation to be made by Grupo ISA and Ecopetrol.
  • The proceeds from the offset will be used to generate resources to prevent deforestation in the department of Chocó in Colombia, one of the most biodiverse places on the planet.
  • ISA Group brings to Expo Dubai 2020 its high-impact programs Conexión Jaguar, Ecogox and EcoRegistry, with which it will join the global agenda conversations on environmental, social, innovation and governance (ESG) matters.

Applying innovation and entrepreneurship to the service of sustainability is one of the objectives that the ISA Group has set for itself in its 2030 strategy, and it is an example of what it is taking to Expo Dubai 2020 to represent the country. On this stage, the company will show the world its leadership in the Latin American energy sector and its role in the energy transition. It will also present its cutting-edge initiatives in sustainable development, with which it is making a tangible and relevant contribution to major causes of global interest, such as climate change mitigation and the construction of social fabric.

In line with its commitment to protect the planet, and as an example for other companies, the company, in alliance with Ecopetrol, will offset the carbon footprint of the entire Colombia Pavilion during the week of October 3-9, in order to become Net Zero Carbon. This will be registered through EcoRegistry, the carbon market platform based on blockchain technology developed by XM, an affiliate of Grupo ISA in Colombia, which allows the issuance, transfer, and retirement of carbon credits. 

The resources obtained through this compensation will be invested in the conservation project, Cocoman Frontera Redd+, which works to prevent the deforestation of the forests of the Higher Community Councils of Novita, located in the department of Chocó in Colombia, one of the most biodiverse places on the planet. The activities developed with this funding are: support for forest ranger families, promotion of productive alternatives to logging, environmental education, conservation of native species and seedling trees, among other activities of great importance to protect this important green lung.

Another of the global impact projects with which Grupo ISA will be presenting at Expo Dubai 2021 is Conexión Jaguar, the sustainability program with which, together with its technical partners, South Pole and Panthera, contributes to the conservation of biodiversity, climate change mitigation, the development of rural communities and the connectivity of the jaguar’s natural habitats in Latin America.

In addition, the group will be part of the academic agenda sharing best practices to protect the climate and biodiversity, making known the scope of Ecogox and EcoRegistry tools that were developed in Colombia, with a high innovative component and impact on climate change mitigation. 

ISA Group, as a multi-Latin company, will also have the opportunity to promote the approach of the country and the region to the Vision 2030 agenda of the United Arab Emirates, a project that, within its roadmap, seeks to develop sectors such as infrastructure, energy, and clean technologies, mitigating the risks of exclusive dependence on oil.

“We know that the only way to protect the planet and leave a world for new generations is by working as a team and inspiring others. Expo Dubai 2020 is a platform that will allow us to build alliances, learn from other visions, share our experience and bring best practices to Latin America,” said Juliana Suso Jaramillo, Chief Institutional Relations Officer for ISA Group.