Hala Badri inaugurates third edition of Foundry in Dubai


–         The exhibitions keep pace with the emirate’s cultural and creative momentum and affirms its position as a hub for culture and creativity.

–         Dubai Culture is committed to supporting creative talents in the emirate and strengthening its position as the capital of the creative economy.

Dubai, UAE: Hala Badri, Director-General of Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture), inaugurated the third edition of Foundry exhibition, a progressive art, cultural, and co-working space on Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Boulevard in Dubai, inspired by the emirate’s flourishing cultural scene. Foundry presents a rich programme of contemporary art exhibitions, workshops, film screenings and other related fields, providing an opportunity for the creative community in Dubai, the UAE and the world to showcase their work, flourish and connect.

Starting on 25 May and continuing on for the next three months, the event invited visitors to experience four exhibitions by local and international artists that reflect their individual styles and the unique concepts they are addressing.

Badri expressed the importance of such events and her appreciation for the Foundry project, which works to create a space that brings together various forms of artistic expression and cultural programmes in line with the emirate’s spirit.

She said: “This series of exhibitions keeps pace with Dubai’s cultural and creative momentum and contributes to confirming the emirate’s position as a hub for culture and creativity in the region and the world. At the Authority, we are committed to supporting and encouraging all events, activities and programmes that align with our efforts to support and nurture creative talents in Dubai and motivate them to continue the process of production and prosperity. We are also committed to strengthening the emirate’s position as the global capital of the creative economy as well as its global cultural footprint as an incubator for creativity and a hub for creative talents.”

Badri toured the event, starting with the Port Authority exhibition by Emirati artist Hashel Al Lamki, who explored the surreal nature of the events that shaped our everyday life over the past year. A multidisciplinary artist from the Emirates and self-described visual thinker, Al Lamki has found his artistic practice to be a blessing, particularly during the pandemic. Port Authority is a painted essay divided into two chapters, where Al Lamki highlights his time in New York (2007 – 2013) and reflects it on his experience at the onset of the pandemic.

Badri also visited the Lucky 13 exhibition by Swiss artist Maxime Cramatte, who focuses on the importance of diversity and cultural inclusiveness in societies, drawing inspiration from Dubai neighbourhoods and basing his concept on abolishing borders by thinking outside the box. In addition, Badri visited the Urban Decay exhibition by artist Fink 22, whose work reflects his passion for urban landscapes; not the glamorous and luxurious ones, but the worn, lived-in, scarred and broken surfaces of buildings that are hidden in plain sight.

Badri also visited the Into the Delta exhibition by Madrid-based artist Kico Camacho that features five paintings, completed between 2018-19. These paintings capture Kico’s artistic and personal journey as he reflects on the Argentinian waterways he knew so well, whereby he spent much of his youth rowing through rivers around the Paranaì delta.

Based on its 2020-2025 strategic roadmap, Dubai Culture, as the government authority entrusted with the culture and arts sector in Dubai, is working to support talent and stimulate an environment that supports the creative economy, thus consolidating Dubai’s position as a global centre for culture, an incubator for creativity, and a thriving hub for talent.