Confusing policies, delayed turnaround times and hidden fees have long made insurance a dreaded chore for most people. But Hala Insurance, named ‘Insurtech Solution of the Year’ by a highly renowned business publication, is on a mission to change the way people feel about insurance. Hala is disrupting the sleepy industry with seamless, transparent and quick digital insurance experiences for its rapidly growing customer base.

Founded by brothers Karim Davis Dib and Walid Daniel Dib, and their friend Harsh Ajmera, Hala Insurance offers digital car and home insurance solutions in the UAE. Its policies are underwritten by Emirates Insurance Company (EMINSCO), one of the region’s largest insurers. Since its inception in 2020, Hala has provided more than 60,000 customers with competitive insurance quotes, and resolved 99% of its claims successfully, making it one of the fastest-growing Insurtech companies in the Middle East. The company has also successfully raised 7 million dollars to date from notable venture capitalists including Entrée Capital, Mubadala, 500 Startups and Global Founders Capital.

Hala’s success comes down to the company firmly placing its customers at the centre of its core values and ambitions. It offers customers an integrated, streamlined user experience that’s all online, along with real-time insights and assistance at every point in their insurance journey.

Recognising the need for speedier processes in the industry, Hala prioritizes a swift turnaround time for requests, with customers receiving insurance quotes in seconds and policies being issued in minutes. In addition to its round-the-clock customer care on WhatsApp, Hala has also built immense trust with users through transparent, affordable prices.

The platform’s customer-centric, digital-first approach to insurance has resonated with the UAE market. Hala Insurance has witnessed double-digit revenue growth of around 20% in policies being issued month-on-month and is also looking to grow its customerbase by 50% by January 2023..

With a swanky new HQ at the Dubai International Financial Center, Hala Insurance’s growth trajectory is expected to further accelerate through tech partnerships in Jordan, Egypt, KSA and Qatar in the near future.

ABOUT HALA Insurance

Hala is revolutionizing how 450 million people in the Middle East insure their most valuable belongings. The idea started with one thing in mind: make insurance simple. We started in 2020, where we redesigned car insurance from the ground up to take stress and paperwork out of our customer’s lives. Our mission is to protect everything you care about by creating the ultimate insurance platform to help you focus on building your life with your loved ones, and outsource your worries to Hala Insurance.

Today, Hala provides car and home insurance to thousands of residents in the UAE through our mobile-first platform. We believe the consumer is vastly under-serviced and overlooked by traditional insurers, with something as simple as getting a quote taking hours, mountains of paperwork and too much headache. Hala is here to change this.