Dubai, UAE: HASH Design, a distinct boutique concept launched by Emirati designer Fatma Al Hashimi, has announced the launch of a chic and quintessential autumn/winter collection, Wintry Hues, to mark the brand’s one-year anniversary. 

Over the past year, HASH Design has carved a niche with its prêt-a-porter, custom-made outfits and its blend of Moroccan-inspired abaya designs. The brand creates garments that empower their wearers through a discerning approach to effortless fashion. 

The Wintry Hues collection evokes a serene style, with sophisticated outfits that bring together glamour and comfort, reflected through its reversible abayas that come adorned with colours that match the season and through dresses complemented by kaftans created with an exquisite Moroccan touch. 

Fatma Al Hashimi, founder of HASH Design, said “It fills me with great pride and happiness to look back upon our first year. From the fabric to the colours and design, everything is chosen with the comforts, tastes, and personalities of those who wear them.”

Imbued with colours like tan, plum, beige, charcoal, cool grey, and navy blue, the collection features reversible abayas that come in silver, white, and blue and created using the famous organza weaves. Organza is a thin, plain weave, sheer fabric traditionally made from silk, giving the wearables a royal and attractive look and feel. The material of the abaya is soft silk to accommodate the country’s weather. 

Carefully selected fabrics, refined cuts, and an eye for details are the fundamental components of the brand that tends to promote conscious and quality shopping, while perfectly matching the fashion needs of women in the Emirate. HASH design is a brand that tailors distinctive and exclusive pieces to suit the latest fashion trends.

About HASH Design Boutique:

HASH Design is a distinct boutique concept launched by Emirati designer Fatma Al Hashimi that is known for its prêt-à-porter and custom-made outfits. Started as an Instagram account in 2015, HASH Design is a brand that is an inspired result of ta fascination with fashion. Those looking for the trendiest couture and creative flair to their wardrobe should make their way to HASH and seek out their future style. The boutique is located at Wasl51, Jumeirah 1 block D and also operates the original Instagram account under address hashdesign_.

About Founder:

Gifted with the craft of creating timeless, elegant pieces, Fatma Al Hashimi started her entrepreneurial journey with a home business that soon gained a substantial Instagram fan base, paving the way for what HASH Design, home to inspiring designs and elegant dresses. Fatma holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing and communications from Zayed University Dubai. She is fluent in Arabic and English, loves to travel, and has participated in over 15 prominent events across the Emirate. She is regularly featured in local and regional media as an exemplary leader in the world of fashion and entrepreneurship.