HCT Collaborates with Injazat to Boost Research & Student Work Programs


The Higher Colleges of Technology’s applied research and graduate readiness capabilities have received a substantial boost with HCT agreeing to collaborate with Injazat, under a wide-ranging collaboration agreement. The announcement was made on the sidelines of GITEX Technology Week that is currently underway at the Dubai World Trade Center.

The agreement was signed at Injazat’s state-of-the-art InGenius Lab by Dr. Abdullatif AlShamsi, HCT President & CEO, and Mr. Ussama Dahabiyeh, CEO of Injazat, and addresses collaborative endeavors in joint research projects, as well as student internship and mentorship programs centered on major educational sector issues, using emerging technologies, which will ultimately lead to publication of co-authored white papers.

The parties will also consider developing knowledge-exchange partnerships in the fields of healthcare, technology, oil and gas. As part of the proposed collaboration, Injazat will consider providing entrepreneurial mentorship and advice to HCT students, complementing HCT’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship program. It will also explore opportunities to support HCT Computer Information Sciences students, particularly those studying cybersecurity, networking, and business solutions, with work placements and internships.

In turn, HCT students will participate in a series of hackathons, using Injazat’s InGenius Methodology, in order to examine HCT’s digital transformation requirements.

Dr. Abdullatif Al Shamsi, HCT President & CEO, commended the collaboration with Injazat, saying the agreement would greatly enhance HCT’s research capabilities in areas of innovation and entrepreneurship. “We are very pleased to be working with Injazat, leveraging its expertise and resources to provide many lasting opportunities for HCT students and faculty, across a wide range of fields and interests,” Dr. Al Shamsi said.

“In addition, it will ensure the continued growth of HCT’s Computer Information Science program, as well as providing specialized programs for our CIS students, aligned with global future skills and needs, enabling HCT to provide students with a unique campus of tomorrow,” he added. “HCT is dedicated to the empowerment of national talent, training them in the ICT sector and providing them with job opportunities and the necessary skills and expertise. This agreement will facilitate greater training and employment opportunities for our students, and in turn, it will help to build the UAE’s competitive knowledge-based economy,” he said.

Dr. Al Shamsi added that HCT’s applied research strategy facilitates productive endeavors among its faculty and students, so as to discover or create solutions which address societal needs, particularly in the fields which are aligned to the National Research Strategy.

Mr. Ussama Dahabiyeh, CEO of Injazat, said: “At Injazat, we are committed to building homegrown capabilities that will transform the UAE’s position in the technology landscape, and I’m confident that our InGenius lab, besides providing a creative and innovative space, will also unlock the potential of these young students to help them succeed in a world which is increasingly focused on innovation. By using agile practices, lean processes, and design thinking, our Ed-Tech experts are fully prepared towards delivering a unique learning experience to the students of HCT and empower them to develop tangible world-class smart solutions that serve communities”.