Here’s how Samsung’s AirDresser set new standards in the clothing care space


With technology introducing the masses to a whole new world of possibilities and experiences, it’s not surprising that today’s consumer demands are at their highest ever point. Millions expect the latest products to deliver never-before-seen benefits, with uniqueness, ease, and empowerment all outcomes that people seek through creativity and innovation. At Samsung, we pride ourselves on providing revolutionary products that deliver such outcomes, with a prime example of this commitment being the AirDresser – the next-generation appliance that has enabled consumers to refresh their style, living up to its billing as a game changer in clothing care thanks to its intuitive brilliance. 

Comprising the latest technologies, developed in line with consumer demands, and inspired by a widespread wish to eliminate long-standing laundry pain points, the AirDresser has welcomed in a new chapter of clothes sanitization, successfully keeping them fresh, creaseless, and in pristine condition. Before the official launch, the promise of such outcomes meant anticipation was high among audiences. And ever since its arrival, the appliance has surpassed all expectations, becoming a benchmark to be emulated in the years ahead. 

With this in mind, some obvious questions arise: what are the reasons behind these incredible results? And how exactly has the AirDresser been able to set new clothing care standards? Here, we provide the answers to these questions:

Comprehensive sanitization 

Hygiene awareness has never been higher than it is today and, while some may have been unaware, this directly applies to clothing also. Proven to sanitize and refresh clothes by eliminating 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, 100% of house mites, 99% of odor-causing gases, and 99% of other allergens and undesirable substances, these outcomes are made possible through numerous standout features, which ensure absolute freshness. For example, all dust particles and undesirable elements are quickly eliminated thanks to powerful bursts of air blown upwards and downwards in the closet through the Jet Air system and Air Hangers. Furthermore, the JetSteam function uses the powerful Jet Air system to infuse high-temperature steam deep into the fabric of clothes, ensuring an elegant appearance and clothing hygiene of the highest standards. 

Out with the old, in with the new 

Another reason behind the AirDresser’s popularity is that consumers are no longer resigned to traditional, tedious, time-consuming, or ineffective laundry methods. For example, clothes have always been susceptible to damage and shrinking while in dryers. However, such issues are now a repeat occurrence of the past as the upper JetAir and lower HeatPump drastically improve the internal circulation of air and dry all items of clothing evenly, with HeatPump Drying technology gently drying clothes at low temperatures to prevent shrinking. At the same time, ironing and persisting wrinkles have also been troublesome aspects for decades – until now. The Wrinkle Care function represents a new chapter of sustainability in laundry terms, using a combination of steam and air to relax and smooth out creases for an added element of elegance in appearance – removing 100 percent and 80 percent of wrinkles from woolen and rayon clothing, respectively.

Complete odor elimination

For decades, clothing has been prone to going stale and culminating odors when left in cabinets over extended timeframes, which leads to unwanted smells and clothing ultimately not being worn. At the same time, odors also build up even when being worn regularly due to ineffective cleaning. However, these occurrences are firmly in the past thanks to the AirDresser, which deodorizes the cabinet and keeps items clean and odor-free. One of the most crucial components here is the next-generation Deodorizing filter, which was specifically developed for capturing and removing odors of all kinds. Whether odors build up from tobacco, food, the environment, the closet, or a culmination of these, 99% of such odors are detected and permanently dealt with through this function. Meanwhile, another crucial component is Self Clean technology, which ensures hygiene and cleanliness are maintained inside the cabinet as it simultaneously dehumidifies, sanitizes, and deodorizes the space. Detergents are no longer necessary as the AirDresser combined heat, air, and steam to ensure success – notifying users when the appliances needs cleaning after 40 cycles.

Seamless management with Smart Things

Emerging technologies are in high demand across all product ranges – and understandably so. They provide value in ways likely thought impossible just a few short years ago, which is why Samsung sought to bring a culmination of smart capabilities to the AirDresser. This approach has certainly been beneficial for the masses, with countless consumers enjoying better clothing care management and maintenance thanks to Smart Things. Backed by artificial intelligence (AI), this innovative feature enables unrivalled performance through the use of data. ‘Care Recipe’ suggests the best cycles per clothing types, ‘My Closet’ recommends courses for your clothes, ‘Special Course’ lets you access common and specialist cycles, and ‘Home Care’ enables troubleshooting – brining new meaning to high-end clothing care.