HeyChef launches region’s first online on-demand personal chef service in the UAE

Co-Founder – Pranav Arora

HeyChef.ae , a UAE based food-tech start-up has launched one of its kind on-demand personal chef service. The platform which is a perfect blend of hospitality and technology, allows you to select a Chef based on your preferred cuisine. HeyChef offers personal chef service across Dubai, which entails a chef coming at your house and preparing dishes based on your requirements (i.e. taste, diet needs, meal prep, BBQs, parties, gatherings etc.).   

Co-Founders Pranav Arora and Mugdha Kalvade launched HeyChef in May 2020 with the concept of ‘you book, we cook’. Before onboarding any chef, the duo undertake several tasting sessions where the chefs have to prepare the requested dishes across different cuisines in the defined time, while keeping the kitchen and hygiene in order. 

On customer’s requirement, HeyChef also provides ingredients shopping and cutlery checklist at an additional charge. HeyChef’s services are offered on daily, weekly, monthly basis and even for parties , gatherings and corporate events. Each Chef has an expertise in certain type of cuisine however also has the ability to adapt as per their customer’s taste palette. In addition, they cover all the popular foods that are requested by the customers. 

HeyChef aims to promote fresh, healthy eating and caters to a wide range of nationalities in the region. The user friendly website offers an intuitive booking process with a unique and simplified checkout process with different options of chefs/cuisines to choose from. All their Chefs are also fully vaccinated and go for regular booster shots with extensive training provided on cleanliness and hygiene. 

Launched during the pandemic in May 2020, HeyChef  has a growing team of 6 Chefs so far. While cooking, Chefs can follow any special diet plan and calorie-controlled recipes that their clients desire. Operating over a year, serving more than 500 customers in Dubai, HeyChef has proudly completed more than 3,000 bookings. 

Besides personal Chef service at home, HeyChef also provides cooking classes, BBQ services on yachts and are known for their themed night menus like Sushi Nights, Steak Nights, Dim Sum Nights and more. During the festive season, starting October-November onwards , HeyChef will also prepare festive menus for each chef. 

Co-founder, Pranav Arora says, “With the launch of HeyChef.ae, our mission is it to bring hospitality at everyone’s doorsteps. Through our website, customers can easily book a Chef through a seamless process. As of now, our service is only offered in Dubai but we do have plans to extend our services across Abu Dhabi by next year. We are also appointing more chefs over the coming months and are in talks to develop the HeyChef App. Since May 2020, everyday has been a great learning experience and our service has evolved significantly”

HeyChef serves a diverse clientele in Dubai right from working couples, single individuals and large families with children who like to eat different cuisines. On average a UAE resident eats out 4 times a week which can get both expensive and unhealthy, while standardized meal plans are not affordable for all. With HeyChef customers can get access to natural, nutritious and personalized food at the comfort of their home with rates starting from AED 130 per hour for parties and AED 65 per hour for recurring services.