Hong Kong Peer to Peer Delivery Service Poised to Disrupt Logistics Sector


HONG KONG: Hong Kong based company, Sharetheload International, is set to disrupt the status quo in logistics industry with the launch of their peer-to-peer delivery service next month.

Sharetheload is the new service that allows users to send intercity, domestic and international parcels with travellers on the same route as their destination through a convenient and efficient process.  All that senders need to do is post a project on Sharetheload by entering parcel weight, pickup and delivery location, and the desired date of delivery. A traveller who is travelling to the delivery location will accept the project, which will generate a completion code that the sender will need to send to the receiver. When the traveller arrives at the delivery location, he/she will drop off the parcel at the desired location and meet with the receiver who will need to verify the completion code.

Sharetheload makes the process for parcel delivery and pick up relatively easy. The website and app boasts filters that enable travellers to refine jobs by weight and km base.  In addition, there are also three transport modes – Air, land and by train, so senders can set filters based on how they would like their parcel to be transported.

In the last few years several peer-to-peer sharing companies have popped up around the world such as the likes of Uber, the world’s largest taxi company which owns no vehicles and Airbnb the largest accommodation provider which owns no real estate. That said, Sharetheload International are looking to join them in becoming the largest courier company that owns no warehouses or vehicles. 

Sharetheload have already started to build their brand through partnership discussions, international company exposure and securing Intellectual Property Protection to become the most trusted peer-to-peer parcel delivery service provider. The company is aiming to accomplish this vision with the use of the state-of-the-art facial recognition technology and other security preventive measures to ensure the validity and integrity of the individual and limit fraud. Moreover, the use of GPS and Mapping features enables senders and or receivers to track the location of their parcel with the Traveller. The company also have implemented blockchain to meet the growing demand of blockchain so users can pay or withdraw funds in cryptocurrency. Additionally, Sharetheload have an escrow payment system to ensure funds are paid out when the project has been marked as complete.

Sharetheload was founded in 2016 by seasoned entrepreneur, Tarek Mohamed.  Questioned about the motivation for creating the platform, he explained: “I was disappointed when an express parcel from the United States was delayed by approximately 2 weeks.  That disappointment and frustration prompted me to look at economic models and conduct Research and Development to enable my vision to transform the world by using people as a medium to ensure efficiency, cost effectiveness and time with sending parcels worldwide.”

Like all peer-to peer delivery companies, Sharetheload International will help reduce carbon emissions and impact the economic status of those in the Gig Economy. The company employs fixed rate guides worldwide across intercity, domestic and international markets which means travellers earn a generous 85% of what the sender pays – making it one of the most lucrative peer-to-peer delivery service company. In addition, as a user, Sharetheload has made the system quite unique so Users can send feedback about prices ensure an efficient pricing model.

Alternatively, the Sharetheload App can be downloaded from the Apple store and the Google Play store late July/ early August 2019

About Sharetheload Pty Ltd:

Sharetheload Pty Ltd’s vision is to be the most trusted peer to peer parcel delivery service provider worldwide. The Group has built a unique platform for senders to send parcels with travellers on the same route as the destination using state of the art technology including facial recognition, liveness technology cross referenced to official documents to ensure the validity and integrity of the individual and limit fraud and much more. By embracing this technology, Sharetheload believes it will enhance the wold’s economic and environment impacts. Sharetheload also operate a loss leading model across flight bookings to enable travellers to book flights and deliver parcels.