HONOR 50 Smashes Competition with Better Features and Greater Performance


As the popularity of short form vlogging platforms such as TikTok continue to grow globally, smartphone manufacturers are responding by developing devices that meet this demand. As a result, so far this year we have seen a number of handsets that claim better camera lens and other features that are aimed at young aspiring creators. Consumers are attracted by the promise of high-definition camera set ups, videography features and improved batteries but how do these devices compare with HONOR’s thrilling return to the market?

According to research, an estimated 82% of internet traffic will be videos by 2022 with consumers spending 85% of their time watching, taking and sharing videos. As a result, there is rapidly growing demand for content creation and viewership in the region. Honor is entering this market with its new HONOR 50 smartphone, which boasts a range of features that surpass its rivals by providing consumers with all the tools they need to vlog in one take with ease.

Changing the market with the HONOR 50     

Honor is seeking to change the mobile phone market forever by focussing on unique technology and features that give users the ability to create content easily in a one stop solution. To do this it has developed the new HONOR 50 which comes with excellent vlogging features that set itself apart from the competition. These include a powerful quad camera setup, 6 multi-video modes that provide easy to use settings to shoot and edit in different scenarios as well a story templates for different styles of videos. Add in its longer lasting battery, excellent display and consumers can start their vlogging immediately and without the need for any prior experience. These are popular features among vloggers as they solve the traditional pain points seen in other smartphone brands. In addition to this it also comes with Google Mobile Services so users will not miss out on the latest and most popular apps. All these features taken together uniquely positions the new HONOR 50 smartphone as the ideal solution for aspiring content creators.

Packed with the features the competition doesn’t have

Honor has built the HONOR 50 from the ground up with the aim of enabling consumers of all kinds to share their short videos on platforms such as TikTok. With the HONOR 50 you do not have to be a professional vlogger to take advantage of its features as it has been designed to allow normal users to vlog their lives with ease. With the HONOR 50 everyone can be a vlogger. That is why it exceeds the capabilities of other smartphones on the market today. Take its unique 6 multi-video modes as an example, which uses various combinations of its front and two rear cameras. Users can simultaneously shoot and switch between Front to Rear Recording, Dual-View Recording (Front/Rear), Dual-View Recording (Rear/Rear), Picture in Picture, Fast-Motion Recording and Slow-Motion Recording, and Single to Dual-View Recording modes. 

The feature has been designed to allow users to create great video in one take. It starts with how easy it is to access the multi-video modes. Unlike other brands that require five steps to get to the function, the HONOR 50 needs only three. Furthermore, the user can switch between the different modes as well as modify the speed and flash while recording. Something other brands do not offer. Meanwhile, its 6X zoom is higher than some others that have only 0.6, 1 or 3X zoom. This combined with its  9 story templates and 6 multi-video shooting modes, which are not seen in other brands at all, and you have the perfect device to meet all your videography needs. 

Long lasting battery performance 

Where most other brands neglected the importance of battery performance, Honor quickly realised the need to provide a long-lasting power source that vloggers could rely on consistently. That’s why the handset comes with a 4300mAh battery that delivers outstanding 10 hour and 36 minutes of internet browsing time, 15 hours and 45 minutes of video playback with a total endurance of 95 hours.

That makes it the best performing battery for the lightest weight in the market. But that isn’t all as the HONOR 50’s 66W Super Charge ability allows it to fully recharge from 0% in just 45 mins – faster than any of the other popular smartphones on the market today. It can also fast charge much quicker than others going from 0% to 70% in just 20 minutes. 

Whereas other brands have largely designed their phones to meet the basic needs of vloggers with features such as multi-lenses, wide angle cameras and zoom, the HONOR 50 goes far beyond. Honor’s new smartphone includes these as well as higher end capabilities such as HDR, 4K and slow-motion seen in very few other brands and then takes it a step further with vlogger exclusive accessories such as free lens switching, multi-speed, True Wireless Stereo recording and much more. This is why the HONOR 50 is set to become a favourite with vloggers.