HONOR Brings Choice to Digital Generation


New HONOR Smartphones Designed for Ultimate User Experience

Riyadh, KSA: HONOR continuously raises the bar for smart devices, striving to bring the best cutting-edge technology to young consumers across the world. By creating an intelligent new world for Gen Z that is connected, innovative and open minded, HONOR has created a smart ecosystem for digital lifestyles. The heart of this intelligence will always remain the smartphone, the companion of the tech-native generation. 

By prioritizing features that adhere to mobile fanatics, HONOR has created the must-have smartphone devices with the HONOR 9X Pro and the newly released HONOR 10X Lite. The devices are the synthesis of the most desired software and hardware features and functionality, offering the ultimate user experience through advances in photography, design and performance. With a long-lasting battery, expandable storage and upgraded features, users can enjoy a smarter life with an HONOR mobile device. 

Enhanced Camera Capabilities for Capturing Every Moment

Thanks to the flagship-level 48MP Triple Camera which features all-inclusive lenses that work together to create stunning snaps, users can capture every moment with the tap of a finger. 48MP photography is a breakthrough for smartphones, and the power, as well as the accessibility of the primary sensor, continues to excite photography fanatics. Delivering a phenomenal 48 million effective pixel count, users are guaranteed to capture every striking detail.  Whether it be a quick shot taken in a dimly-lit background, a scenic wide-angled landscape photo or even a steady video while on-the-go, the outstanding lenses can effortlessly capture every shooting scenario.

2MP Macro Camera for Exceptional Detail 

To help you see even more, the addition of the 120° Super Wide Angle Camera helps users capture a broad and extensive view. With automatic distortion correction, the smartphone offers an astounding 120° Field of View for users to share even more scenery in captivating landscape shots, while the 2MP depth-assist lens at f/2.4 enables depth of field recognition technology to create amazing portraits. The HONOR 10X Lite’s 2MP Macro Lens shoots with clarity and a high level of detail allowing you to bring out the ultra-fine details of close-up shots. It’s perfect for digital natives who love to capture details of flowers, plants, food, or other small objects.

When it comes to design, the HONOR 10X Lite comes in three eye-catching colors – Midnight Black, Emerald Green and Icelandic Frost, with a glossy surface that catches the light when you move it in your hand. The HONOR 9X Pro also comes in Midnight Black and Phantom Purple with a dual 3D glass curved back.

About  HONOR:             

HONOR is a leading tech brand for global youth, born during the growth of mobile internet, and shaped by groundbreaking technology resulting from the company’s unwavering focus on R&D investment. Embracing every possibility in the era of 5G and AI, HONOR aims to create an intelligent new world for youth by developing a smart living ecosystem and inspirational youth culture. HONOR will continue to set itself apart by discovering the fun in innovation, introducing a tech chic lifestyle, and offering a diverse and open online community for its ardent, growing fan base.