HONOR GS PRO: For the Fitness Professional


Offering key health features and tracking monitors, the HONOR GS is the perfect digital health coach

Riyadh: To an athlete or fitness professional who is always striving for progress, goal setting has been a useful tool that helps to achieve optimal performance. During day-to-day practice, it is important to measure and review performance so that training can be adjusted to achieve fitness goals. The newly release HONOR Watch GS Pro is the perfect digital fitness companion to provide real-time feedback with accurate data tracking, making sure that every practice is on the right track.

As the smart watch is catered to professionals taking part in various exercise types, the HONOR Watch GS Pro supports skiing mode and 15 fitness modes, including outdoor sports (running, walking, hiking, mountain climbing, trail runs, cycling, open water swimming, triathlons) and seven indoor sports (running, walking, cycling, pool swimming, free training, elliptical and rowing machine). It also supports 85 customized workout modes, benefiting athletes across multiple disciplines. 

Become a better runner

Knowing that your running practice adjusts to your body condition and everyday mood, the HONOR Watch GS Pro provides 13 professional running courses from beginner to advanced levels, offering a running mode that best fits your practice. During the workout, the HONOR Watch GS Pro provides real-time guidance, full-scale monitoring and data recording, thanks to its built-in accelerometer and gyroscopic sensors. After finishing practice, users can review their performance by checking the detailed workout data, such as intensity, on the watch’s Activity records app.

Slowing down your workout when necessary 

To prevent overtraining, the HONOR Watch GS Pro offers accurate heart rate monitoring with the HUAWEI TruSeen™3.5. It will vibrate to alert you if it detects an unusual heart rate during your workout, reducing the risk of injury. Apart from the heart rate, athletes and fitness professionals are advised to pay close attention to the blood oxygen levels. Powering the SpO2 monitor, the HONOR Watch GS Pro accesses how your body is absorbing oxygen by tracking your blood oxygen saturation level during your practice. If your blood oxygen levels are below 89%, it is a sign that you need to reduce the exercise intensity.  

Eliminating stress from practice 

Athletes who persist at achieving their goal, demonstrate a strong desire for success. Hence, putting pressure on themselves and impacting their athletic performance without recognizing it. Thanks to HUAWEI TruRelax™ technology, the HONOR Watch GS Pro can analyze heart rate trends to indicate when athletes are getting stressed.  It helps to acknowledge stress levels and reminds users to ease their body and mind of anxiety.

Recharging for the next session

A night of good and relaxing sleep is important after a long day of practice. It can provide energy to the brain and body, optimizing athletic performance and speeding up the physical recovery. In a contrary manner, sleep deprivation decreases levels of focus, enthusiasm, and energy. Coupled with the HUAWEI TruSleep™2.0, HONOR Watch GS Pro diagnoses six common types of sleep disorders and provide over 200 corresponding suggestions, for example meditation and power nap, tailored to user sleeping habits. It helps to achieve better sleep quality and recharge an athlete’s mental and physical wellbeing. 

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