HONOR Watch ES: The Professional Fitness Trainer


New Wearable the Perfect Companion for Next-Level Workout Experience

Riyadh, KSA: Engineered to be the next generation personal wearable, the HONOR Watch ES arrives to elevate day-to-day activity with a perfect blend of statement-making style, fitness capabilities and health functionalities. Serving as a fitness trainer, the HONOR Watch ES endeavors to guide users through workout sessions while offering a heap of sophisticated health tracking functions to improve general wellbeing and advanced smart features to fulfill everyday needs. With a long battery life and flurry of intelligent fitness features, users can reach fitness goals at pace. 

Optimize Workout Session with Intelligent Wearable Innovations 

The HONOR Watch ES comes preinstalled with 12 workout courses consisting of 44 animated exercise moves to keep users active and engaged at any time. Aimed to help reduce stress and loosen body tension while working, the watch provides brief exercise trainings which users can perform at home. Additionally, through a series of meticulously designed courses including abdominal shaping, fat burning, chest building and so on, users are well advised by this virtual personal trainer to shape the perfect body just at home, without the need of paying hefty bills for a gym instructor.  

Moreover, the 44 animated moves provide accurate gesture demonstration on how to properly complete an exercise ranging from moderate to rigorous. The visual guidance makes it easier than ever for novices to learn workout moves and eliminates the need to break up a workout to look up a movement on video. 

Upgrade Exercise with 95 Workout Modes

To indulge users’ passion for different sports, the HONOR Watch ES supports 85 customized workout modes and 10 professional fitness modes that together covers a wide range of sports from traditional to more experimental, outdoor to indoor and summer to winter. The workouts modes offer precise key data such as heart rate, calories burnt, duration and different modes monitor different data that are tailored for that particular workout. 

For a more effective and scientific exercise, users can set workout target such as distance, calories, time, fat burning, aerobic endurance, and the watch can automatically alert if the exercise is out of the target range. With a variety of fitness modes and training metrics, the watch helps to boost performance and accomplish greater workout goals. 

Automatic Workout Recognition

Perhaps one of the most innovative features is the automatic workout recognition. Utilizing the optical heart rate sensor and accurate sport algorithm, HONOR Watch ES can automatically detect workout types. Moreover, once the workout type is identified, the watch will remind users to start tracking, so every session can be recorded. 

The honor Watch ES is currently available for 399 SAR.

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