Hope probe quote: NPCC

Eng. Ahmed Al Dhaheri, CEO of NPCC

Eng. Ahmed Al Dhaheri, CEO of NPCC, said: “As a UAE national, I am extremely proud of the path-breaking achievement of our nation. It defines the UAE as the first nation from the Arab and Islamic world to carve a name in the space research and exploration sector. We have now entered a new era in scientific and technological progress, delivering on the vision of our leadership to establish the nation as among the best in the world. The success of the Mars Orbital Insertion, the most crucial part of the Hope Probe, demonstrates our ability to compete with global countries in advanced fields. Inspired by our leadership, our ambitious youth proved that no frontier is too far for a young nation. We have proved to the world that ‘nothing is impossible in the UAE’, and I am confident that we will continue to set impressive achievements, overcoming all challenges and achieving our ambitions.”