How Adasat is transforming the eyewear industry, one pair at a time


With a mission to transform the eyewear retail industry in the region, Dubai-based entrepreneurs, Payam Honari and Ziad Tariq launched Adasat in 2019 specializing in eyewear ranging from sunglasses and eyeglasses, to contact lenses. In less than two years, they successfully grew it into one of the top e-commerce eyewear platforms in the region augmenting the landscape of Middle East’s online shopping industry. 

Here is what differentiates from other eyewear brands:

Home try on service

While surveying the founders, Payam and Ziad noticed that 7 out of 10 customers have bad experiences when it comes to online shopping for eyewear due to the frames not fitting well and used this as an opportunity to change the experience of online shopping from hassle to hassle-free. With HTO, Adasat allows customers to try around 4-6 products at their convenience to let them decide which suits or fits them better. This eliminates the hassle of having to return or exchanging the product and eliminates the hassle of even having to go to a physical store.

Certified optometrist by phone

There’s a huge difference between Adasat’s customer service and others’ customer service because Adasat offers a certified optometrist that can assist customers while offering consultations and advice on what the best lenses are according to the needs of the customer without any charge at all.

4-hour delivery

Lens buyers need to constantly check how many lenses they have left for the month, so they don’t run out and most people don’t have the time to run to the store to pick up a set of lenses. That’s how the founders came up with their service of same day delivery (within 4 hours in Dubai). They understand the importance of lenses as it’s a daily necessity and wanted to make it more convenient for their customers to order and receive their lenses at any time they need.

We’re currently in talks with other international brands that are not available in the UAE, brands that can be found in Sweden and Germany, as we continuously want to provide the UAE with only the best products and services for us to maintain as one of the top leaders in the market,” add the founders.

About Adasat:

Adasat is a platform for premium eyewear brands. They are the authorised reseller for many famous brands and therefore, with Adasat, authenticity is never compromised. Providing sunglasses and frames, their main expertise is medical and colored contact lenses as the word “Adasat” in Arabic translates to “Contact Lenses” in English. Dubai based home-grown company, Adasat started operations in September of 2019 with free shipping all over the UAE. The company has today expanded – providing shipping all over the GCC. With unique services available in Dubai such as “4 Hour Delivery” and “Home Try On”, they aim to provide these unique services all over the UAE and then expand all over the GCC region.