How families are benefitting from Samsung’s next-generation Front Loading Washing Machine with AddWash


Today, more and more people are looking for washing machines than ever before thanks to technological advancements, particularly families whose weekly laundry list is always extensive. Personal hygiene, clothing care, and appearance are important for every family member, no matter how old or young, and everyone should look and feel their best at home, outdoors, in school, or at work. 

It’s also important to appreciate that awareness concerning hygiene is at a record high, and every specific detail is now taken into account before purchasing a washing machine. After all, the appliance is bought as a long-term investment, and many of you look for one that boasts the latest valuable features. 

As a leading specialist in consumer-driven areas, we at Samsung are always combining creativity, insights, intuition, and technology to provide futuristic appliances that tick every box you may have when searching for the perfect washing machine. This approach continues to benefit customers and elevate our washing machine range. One that stand outs as part of our offerings is the Front Loading Washing Machine with AddWash, which brings together some of the most innovative aspects to deliver new meaning and reimagine the washing process. 

Here, we take a look at why this washing machine is an increasingly popular choice for families across the region:

Greater flexibility than ever before

The Front Loading Washing Machine is high in demand for several reasons, and one is greater flexibility than ever before. We have all turned the machine on at some stage, only to discover we have forgotten to include an item or two and must wait until the ongoing cycle is finished. With Add Wash, you can quickly add missed items after the process has started if clothing needs to be washed urgently, or even include hand-washed clothes that perhaps require a rinse or spin dry.

Enhanced cleansing and performance

In years gone by, many germs have remained embedded in clothing even after being cleaned. However, we at Samsung always deliver on our promise to set new standards and there is a range of options to ensure all fabrics are comprehensively refreshed. For instance, Eco Bubble technology delivers powerful cleaning on every occasion, even at low temperatures. Detergent is turned into bubbles, quickly penetrating fabric to remove dirt and germs while protecting the fabric and saving energy. 

Outstanding durability and elegant design 

Elegance and efficiency are also provided. A Digital Inverter Motor delivers superior energy efficiency and long-lasting performance, consuming less energy and providing outstanding durability. Moreover, even greater convenience is provided due to less noise and vibration. VRT Plus technology reduces both during washes, and the 3D vibration sensor keeps the drum perfectly balanced – even at high speeds, demonstrating appliance capacity. And for those of you who value beautiful design to complement the households’ luxurious interior, certain appliances boast Samsung’s exclusive Crystal Glass Door. Available in transparent white or crystal blue, either option provides aesthetic appreciation and easily blends in with surroundings.

Full clean in less than one hour

Traditional washing machines are one-dimensional and take a specific amount of time to clean clothing. They do not have the adaptability and capabilities that modern consumers demand and expect, something that has been addressed with the Front Loading Washing Machine. The appliance uses Speed Spray to rinse clothes more powerfully, accelerating the spin speed to complete the washing in just 59 minutes.