How growing Your Own Food Can Reduce the Cost of Living


Amid the rising cost of daily living in the UAE, many people are exploring ways to reduce their weekly expenses, especially the amount of money spent on groceries. Growing your own food at home is one of the key solutions to reducing outgoings if it’s done correctly.

While ‘growing your own’ at home might sound like a tedious job, ground-breaking technologies such as Click & Grow can help you grow fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, salads, and flowers completely effortlessly. It incorporates full-spectrum LED grow lights, automatically measures the optimal level of water and light needed for plants, and makes sure plants have enough nutrients and oxygen via the unique patented growth-material Smart Soil, which keeps the levels of oxygen, water, pH, and nutritional ingredients at an optimal level for each plant.

Developed in Estonia, the second largest organic farming country in Europe with the planet’s second cleanest food, Click & Grow is working towards making the most essential, fresh, vitamin-packed food available to everyone on this planet.  Hiiumaa, the Estonian island where the Click & Grow smart gardens and plant pods come from, is a place of outstanding beauty. It’s home to approximately 1000 species of large plants, many of which are protected to preserve the island’s biodiversity. The innovative Click & Grow technology has made it possible to grow up to three times more vitamin-rich foods and it also takes 95% less water than in traditional agriculture, which are all elements that can collectively lead to a more cost-effective way of living.

The majority of the fruits and veggies that we buy from grocery stores spend days in transportation. By the time they’ve reached the end consumer they stay untouched for a few more days and lose the majority of their nutritional value and 40% ends up going to waste. Growing your own at home via the Click & Grow smart gardens will ensure that nothing goes to waste and that you’re getting the most nutritional value out of your crops and ultimately saving money. After your initial outlay for your smart garden, the majority of your investment will go towards the seeds planted which can be used for a lifetime, and is more cost effective compared to grocery purchases.

What to consider when growing fruit and veg at home to save money?

*The type of crops grown – planting fruits and veggies that you consume on a regular basis will ensure that you don’t waste your time and money on something that you simply won’t eat. For example, cucumbers, leafy vegetables, herbs, onions and tomatoes are popular vegetables in many households. Thus, growing these crops might provide a greater return on investment.

*Selecting veggies that can easily be preserved or stored is another important factor, as these can be frozen or canned, which is a great way to stretch your grocery money. For example, crops like onions, potatoes and squash can be preserved for months when stored at the right temperature.

*Starting small – Home gardening requires practice for a few months and it can feel overwhelming and costly to grow too many crops at the same time. It might be worth limiting yourself to a select number of fruit and veg in the first year – you can increase the size of your garden as you become more confident