How Leo Educated People About Skin During the Distractions Of 2020


During the pandemic, many brands and campaigns have become more active online, which has helped many of those brands survive and even make big successes in 2020. One of those campaigns was Geldy El Aziz.

What Is Geldy El Aziz

Geldy el Aziz is a page that is about to reach 250k followers to support everyone who cares about his or her skin health in Egypt, sponsored by Leo pharma® Egypt.

It is a page sponsored by Leo pharma® to help people in Egypt care for their skin health and support all people living with skin problems.

The purpose of this page was to raise awareness about skin health in Egypt, covering topics such as skin infections, eczema, acne, skin dryness, psoriasis, alopecia, skin injuries, scars, and much more. The page is currently managed by eureka that is a digital agency specialized in the health industry. 

Rising to the Challenge

Due to the many distractions caused by the pandemic, it was challenging to raise awareness and get the message across to people suffering from skin conditions like psoriasis, skin infections and eczema.

A second challenge was the amount of misleading information and products not medically approved spreading during the pandemic. It distracted people from the right information offered by experts. 

After all, because of the increased awareness about cleanness and hygiene at this challenging time, it was the perfect time to deliver the right message since numerous skin conditions are directly affected by the hygiene. Also, people are becoming more caring about their skin and overall health. 

The Best Solution in 2020

Online awareness was the go-to by many brands during the pandemic. It was due to the increase in the time spent online due to the lockdown.

Regarding Geldy El Aziz, this was the best solution to reach out to the right people to offer advice and stand by people suffering from skin problems.

Online marketing was the best way to reach out to people with skin conditions during this time. Leo pharma’s campaign is directed by experts in both skin health and digital marketing. With the help of Eureka Digital, the account could offer the right piece of information to people who take their skin health seriously. That account was interactive regarding the response time and the medical advice 24/7.

Why Online Marketing

Online marketing was the best solution in the year of the pandemic since the use and the demand on the internet has dramatically increased. During the lockdown, the best place to deliver the message was right where people existed and gathered.

According to DateReportal, “There were 54.74 million internet users in Egypt in January 2020. The reported number of internet users in Egypt increased by 9.8 million (+22%) between 2019 and 2020. Internet penetration in Egypt stood at 54% in January 2020”.

The best thing about online marketing and social media marketing is that brands can target people by interests, age group, gender, location, and even marital status. It has helped the campaign to reach out to the right people. 

The Comeback

By the end of 2020, 233,170 people have already followed Geldy El Aziz, and millions have seen their educational content and engaged with them. Leo could reach the right people that take their skin seriously without causing fatigue to the web users.

The page has received direct engagements from many people seeking out information about skin conditions from the experts, and they made a success.