How the MENA region is meeting the challenges of a changing world


Innovation and sustainability are watchwords for a new generation of business leaders. In 50 MENA Leaders, TBD Media Group tells the stories of the region’s companies collaborating for a better future

LONDON: Leaders from the Middle East and North Africa are consistently finding answers to some of the most pressing issues facing humanity. In a discourse that has been dominated by east versus west, the MENA region is producing solutions that will shape the future of the planet.

A groundbreaking project, 50 MENA Leaders, is putting these solutions and the businesses behind them on the world stage.

Acclaimed production company TBD Media Group has brought the MENA region’s visionaries together to address the pressures on the systems underpinning our way of life.

In the documentary series, 50 MENA Leaders, TBD Media Group is providing a platform for MENA’s brightest thought leaders to explain their vision for a better tomorrow.

Paolo Zanini, Founder and CEO at TBD Media Group says:

“Businesses are being recognised for the role they play in shaping lives, livelihoods and the very planet itself. As we recognise this power, we are seeing how some leaders are meeting the planet’s challenges by embracing the responsibility to create a better world.”

Zanini believes that this kind of engagement is essential to driving positive change. He says:

“The 50 MENA Leaders series is the brainchild of TBD Media Group. Our award-winning team of creatives and filmmakers are showcasing the business leaders of MENA who are leading the world in the direction we must travel together.”

Companies featured in this launch:

  • Ecolab
  • Global Feeder Shipping
  • InterContinental Energy
  • Inogen Alliance
  • International Development Bank
  • Mastercard
  • The Red Sea Development Company
  • Saudi Electronic University
  • Tim Hortons
  • Al Fardan Exchange

About TBD Media Group:

TBD Media Group is an international, purpose-driven, media developer that helps companies, organizations and governments tell their brand stories in a human and direct way.