How Wearable Tech Can Help Achieve Fitness Goals


Riyadh: For the ultimate workout you need three things for optimal engagement in your activity plan; a solid playlist, a seamless listening device, and a wearable to track all your efforts. While workout playlists differ depending on the person, HONOR has the latest smart wearables to elevate your fitness session. Wearables have been proven to help motivate and keep accountability when striving to achieve fitness goals. Owning your own wearable tech offers personalization and greater insight into workouts. 

Motivate with the perfect playlist using HONOR CHOICE True Wireless Earbuds

Wireless earphones create the ultimate convenience to excel in a workout, with easy sync up to Bluetooth, fitness fanatics can worry less about the mechanics and get in the zone. HONOR CHOICE True Wireless Earbuds deliver a more stable and faster connection for a better listening experience. Open the charging case and connect instantly to your smartphone without a hitch.  The simultaneously synchronizing technology powered by Bluetooth 5.0 can reduce latency to as low as 130ms. The HONOR CHOICE True Wireless Earbuds are designed with an ergonomic structure to fit snuggly for a secure, comfortable fit and with an IP54 rating, light splashes or sweat can’t stop you from jamming out to your favourite songs. So, whether its a HIIT class, run or easy walk, you’ll experience immersive and synchronized sound.

Track every workout with HONOR Watch ES

Being able to track workouts is a great way to stay committed to fitness goals. Perhaps the most favored device is the wearable watch, fitted with smart features to track everything from heartrate, sleep and workout activity. The newly released HONOR Watch ES automatically detects when you are running, walking, rowing, or on the elliptical. So none of the hard work goes unnoticed! 

HONOR Watch ES comes with 10 professional workout modes – including walking, running, cycling, swimming – offer high-level fitness tracking with personalized guidance. Users can also find their favourite workouts from one of the 85 customized workout modes to help users stay active and engaged. The device also comes with 12 animated workout courses and standard body-movement animations, including office quick-workout and abs workout. The smart watch can monitor the effectiveness of your training regimen, and provides personalized instructions and recommendations, based on real-time indicators including heart rate and calories burnt.

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