HSBC and Outward Bound Oman launch new programme to build youth resilience


HSBC Oman and Outward Bound Oman have announced the launch of a new programme that aims to build confidence and resilience amongst young people who have been negatively affected by the global pandemic and social isolation. 

‘Build Your Resilience’ programme was launched on October 10, World Mental Health Day, and is a continuation of the long-standing partnership between HSBC and Outward Bound Oman in developing and supporting young people.

Using the mountains and deserts of Oman, the four-day programme is designed specifically to promote resilience, reconnect young people to reality, help build self-esteem, and improve mental well-being. The courses are particularly relevant for young people experiencing such issues as anxiety, depression, trauma or bereavement as a direct or indirect result of the pandemic.

“At HSBC we believe that mental health and wellbeing should be at the top of everyone’s agenda. We hope that this course will create a space for the participants to talk about and share their concerns, exchange ideas and identify strategies on how best to overcome the challenges that they face”, said Melika Betley, CEO of HSBC Oman. 

The course also aims to enhance the employability of the participants through the development of key soft skills such as adaptability, creativity, communication and teamwork.

Mohamed Al Zadjali, Chief Operating Officer of Outward Bound Oman said: ‘whether it is through investing in young people through their innovative social investment programme, or through the development of the emerging talent and graduate leaders amongst their own staff, HSBC has been a valued partner of Outward Bound Oman since we started in 2009. These courses will make a real difference to the lives of the young people lucky enough to take part; we are very grateful to HSBC for their continued support, and look forward to some of their staff mentors joining the courses to add real value to the process’.