HST Italia brings vibroacoustic technology to the UAE


Presents live immersive experience in Dubai starting today at Grand Plaza Movenpick Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates:  Vibroacoustic technology brings a new dimension of sound, entertainment, communication, and security to homes, offices, and leisure facilities. To officially launch their patented technology in the UAE, HST Italia will be hosting a Vibroacoustic Immersive ‘Live’ Experience at the Grand Plaza Movenpick Dubai on December 8 – 9 from 10am until 5pm.

Guests are invited to immerse themselves into the high-quality, innovative, sound and speaker systems installed at the Mistral meeting room. The two-day workshop will include presentations and actual demonstrations of the innovative transformation of various materials into surfaces for sound, communication, and alarm.

“Through algorithms and our electronics expertise, we were able to develop a unique solution that is capable of issuing/receiving signals, receiving/emitting vibration, and can be embedded in the environment. The technology is now being used by private homes and offices, hotels, restaurants, wellness resort, showrooms, and public spaces all over the world all over the world. We are excited to introduce and integrate our patented vibroacoustic technology to the UAE which is at the forefront of innovation and smart solutions with several projects underway,” said Paolo Braida, Managing Director at Nullam Tech.

HST Italia’s innovation offers safe, discreet yet immersive sound with discreet alarm systems, which are long-lasting, require no maintenance, and does not compromise the design of a space. Ideal for executive offices, conference rooms and waiting areas. The vibroacoustic technology can withstand temperature and humidity, it is also used for pools, spas, wellness areas, gardens, historical sites, yachts, aircrafts, and many more. Its smart and integrated system can connect to various sources including smartphone, Hi-Fi system, TV set, PC, web-TV/Radio, streaming or storage system, by AUX cable or Bluetooth.

About HST Italia:

HST Italia is a business unit of Nullam Tech that develops and offers advanced technological solutions in the fields of electronics, ICT and cybersecurity in Italy. HST Italia developed and patented vibroacoustic technology, a consolidated technology with many years of application in several and different fields of research on SOUND, COMMUNICATION and ALARM. NOISE prevention and reduction has been the focus of HST Italy laboratory for years.

HST Italia’s vibroacoustic technology is now available in the UAE.