HUAWEI eKit Joins Hands with Distribution Partners to Explore Unlimited Opportunities in the Middle East and Central Asia SME market


Dubai, United Arab Emirates:At GITEX GLOBAL 2023, Huawei unveiled its latest HUAWEI eKit distribution business solutions for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the Middle East and Central Asia region, which aims to enhance the digital capabilities of SMEs and help them grow in the digital and intelligent transformation era. 

Huawei unveiled HUAWEI eKit for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the Middle East and Central Asia region.

Huawei also hosted a “HUAWEI eKit Stock Distribution Forum” at GITEX, where it shared its strategy that is distribution partner-led and subcontractor-centric, supporting distribution partners (DPs) to innovate and offer competitive products and services for the SME market. HUAWEI eKit also introduced new products for campus networks and data storage domains, covering various business scenarios for SMEs.

Mr. Derek Hao, President of Global Marketing, Huawei Enterprise Business Group, shed light on HUAWEI eKit’s strategy. He stated, ” Huawei builds its business system based on a distribution market strategy that is distribution partner-led and subcontractor-centric. Through continuous innovation, Huawei provides competitive products and high-level services to support excellent distribution partners around the world to explore the SME market.” 

Mr. Derek Hao, President of Global Marketing, Huawei Enterprise Business Group:

Mr. Kinven Zou, Director of HUAWEI eKit Distribution Business, Middle East & Central Asia, said, “HUAWEI eKit’s product lineup is dedicated to offering practical solutions for various common business scenarios within the SME market. Drawing from Huawei’s rich experience spanning over 30 years in the ICT and digital transformation, HUAWEI eKit is dedicated to enhancing the digital capabilities of SMEs, supporting our distribution partners in expanding their businesses, and fostering growth opportunities within the SME market.”

HUAWEI eKit is a sub-brand designed for the distribution business under Huawei. It aims to provide versatile products and solutions for hundreds of millions of SMEs by leveraging Huawei’s over 30 years of experience in ICT and digital transformation. It strives to better serve the digital needs of SMEs, help DPs develop their businesses, and expand opportunities in the SME market. HUAWEI eKit is dedicated to developing distribution products that are easy to buy, sell, install, maintain, learn, and use for various business scenarios in the SME market. It has developed a wide range of products, including intelligent collaboration, wired and wireless networks, IP + optical access networks, storage, and IT platforms.

In the datacom campus domain, HUAWEI eKit launched 31 new SME network products in 2023, such as converged gateways with industry-leading performance, user-friendly switches, WLAN products with 20% broader coverage, and applications that simplify O&M for partners and customers.

Moreover, HUAWEI eKit leverages IdeaHub to deliver secure and stable performance for conferences and daily office operations. Distribution Partners are using the open ecosystem of IdeaHub to apply it to various industries such as retail, hospitals, and hotels, opening new market opportunities.  

Huawei alone cannot expand the distribution market. By developing new products and scenario-based solutions, Huawei provides support on digital transaction and operation as well as brand marketing, cultivates partners’ capabilities, and establishes a healthy and efficient partner system to jointly expand the market with partners.

In the future, HUAWEI eKit will continue to design marketable products that are easy to use, create a stable channel system, and build a healthy market. Through grounded marketing and an efficient digital operation platform, HUAWEI eKit will help DPs develop subcontractors and installers. Together with the partners, Huawei will drive the development of the SME market.

About Huawei:

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